Zankyou no Terror – Lisa Mishima – School Uniform

terror in resonance tokyo zankyou no terror cosplay reference lisa school uniform brown burgundy striped pleated skirt vestLisa’s school uniform is the same as all the other girls in her class, so if you’re planning on cosplaying any of the other schoolgirls from Zankyou no Terror (although one episode in I doubt there’s a reason to cosplay those bullies), this breakdown goes for them as well.

This concept art is from the official website, but I couldn’t download it directly. I took the liberty of downloading it from a Japanese site that appears (from my Google translate skillz) to be an anime news site, which watermarked it despite obviously having gotten it in some way from the official Zankyou no Terror website. Click for a larger version as well as check out the gallery at the end of the breakdown for additional references from the show!

The white collared button-down shirt seems to be loose fitting; the sleeves go a bit above the elbow.

Her muted yellow v-neck vest is probably made of a machine-knitted (commercially made) material. There’s some same-color ribbing (perhaps self-ribbed?) around the neck. The school logo and name are embroidered on the front. As of yet there has been no close up detail on the logo or name. (They may never show it or name the school directly but I will update if they do)

The skirt is between burgundy and brown, very dull. The cadet grey stripe is about 1 or 2″ from the bottom and no more than 1″ wide. The 3 pleats in back appear wider in the back than in the 2 center front pleats but this could be an illusion – do whatever works! The total length of the skirt is mid-thigh. Don’t feel obligated to wear that short of a skirt unless you want to, though; it’s perfectly valid to lengthen it to your comfort level.

Her socks are black and come just below the knee. The shoes are off-white on either side and grey on the toe, tongue, bottom, and laces. They are uniform; the other girls wear identical shoes.

A note – while Lisa’s uniform is technically identical to everyone else’s, the animation comes off to me like she wears it in such a way that expresses that she doesn’t care. It’s not the kind of not-caring that takes effort, it’s just plain not caring enough to put in the effort to smooth her hair or straighten her vest or fix her skirt if the wind messes up a pleat.

Click on the tiles below for full-size images!


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