Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru – Female School Uniform (Winter)

yuki yuna is a hero school uniformI’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop with this show. Is something horrible going to happen? Is there a cute fluffy neutral alien thing trying to feed on their souls? Nothing is ever this simple – I don’t trust them in this post-Madoka world.

All five girls all wear the same school uniform. There are two jacket options for it, which are both covered. (I’ll also touch on the different accessories worn for each girl at the end of the post before the image gallery! Do click on all images for full resolution.) The summer uniform will be covered in another post.

Quick note on colors: It’s perfectly feasible that the jackets and trim could be a muted black/charcoal grey. My first guess was chocolate brown and I’m probably going to stick with that. It’s up to interpretation as it’s partly the color scheme of the animation and it looks like either black or brown when I think about it. To me, brown coordinates better with the cream… but it’s up to you! Any time I say brown, it could be this charcoal color.

The dress is a pale yellow or cream. The top of the dress is hard to see under the jacket/sweater. I would assume that the top of the dress is plain under the sailor collar (fuku). The style of the dress is a-line (as noted by the two seams in front and back).

This white collar lays overtop the chocolate brown jacket. It’s square in the back. In the center front there is a modesty panel with a brown rectangular bit in the center. The edges of the collar and the top edge of the center panel have a stripe of brown a bit away from the edge. On the left side of the front collar there is a crossways piece of brown stripe – I feel it is parallel with the shoulder seam rather than being perpendicular with the other stripe. In the center back there is a small perpendicular brown stripe as well.

back torso short jacketThe red bow is a separate unit on a red string/ribbon (probably an ironed tube of fabric) that goes under the collar. I personally would tack it down just to make sure it isn’t escaping everywhere – or even better, make it snap to the jacket or sweater to hold that in place as well.

The pleats in the skirt are box pleats. There are two in front between the a-line seams, and two in back in the same place. I am guessing there are three between the a-lines on the sides? Not sure because it’s a round shape and hard to see all at once. The pleats look a lot more crisp in some parts of the animation than in the concept art. For sure make sure that they are crisp by the edge. Otherwise, they seem to be fairly loose. The brown stripe looks probably 1 or 2″ from the edge and about 1/2″ wide, depending on what looks good for your size.

Keep in mind that these are middle-schoolers and the length you choose to have for your dress proportionately for your body size should reflect this. (i.e. don’t have the skirt too short because you need to look innocent unless you’re trying for a more adult look intentionally)

yuuna yuuki cosplay reference school uniformThe long sweater is a basic chocolate brown school sweater. It should come down mid-thigh with loose ribbing at the bottom. It zips up the center. You can’t see what kind of collar is under the sailor collar but I would assume that it’s a v-neck collar that stops just below the sailor collar.

The short jacket is not quite a crop top, but it does not fall below the waist. (On Itsuki it looks more crop-top-ish – I think this is to emphasize her shorter stature) It also is a chocolate brown, with the fold-up cuffs and the stripe by the bottom edge the same cream/yellow as the dress. However, the short stripes over the shoulders and on the left sleeve is a darker shade of cream/tan.

The construction of the front of the jacket is a little different; each side of the front is in what looks like three pieces: above the tan stripe, the under-arm portion, and then what’s left. (See image) However, it all could just be top stitching for texture & interest.

During school, they wear uwabaki with red soles & toes. Out of school, they wear brown loafers.

yuki yuna is a hero bag school uniformThere is a school-issued bag with two strap options (over the shoulder or backpack style). The backpack straps are tan edged in chocolate but the satchel strap is plain brown (probably canvas) with a shoulder pad in tan. In the center of the flap on each bag, there is a turquoise diamond edged in brown or tan – I’m not sure which. There appear to be two buttons or snaps on each of the straps that go over the flap. The satchel style bag has a tan section below the straps; the backpack style bag’s straps reach the bottom. Both have a short handle option. The body of the bag is tan for both; the strap is a lighter shade, more towards yellow/cream.

Each girl has her own set of accessories and a slightly different way she wears the uniform. Check the image gallery at the end for details on each character!

Inubouzaki Fuu – long sweater, zipped most of the way up. Over the knee white socks with a brown stripe at the top. Two fluffy black scrunchies on her pigtails. (I think they’re the fabric kind with elastic through the center) Black ribbon choker with a white five-petaled flower fastening.

Inubouzaki Itsuki – short jacket. White tights. Fastens the ends of her bangs with white string tied in a bow. (You’ll probably need to glue this into the wig so it doesn’t slip out) Five-petaled orange & yellow flower hair clip on her left side.

Miyoshi Karin – short jacket. Knee-high grey socks with a white stripe at the top. Plain white hair clips on both sides holding back her bangs. Red ribbons with a small black stripe about an inch from the end, tying up her pigtails.

Tougou Mimori – long sweater, unzipped. Brown tights. Robin’s egg or cadet blue hair bow at the end of her loose ponytail, with a white stripe close to the edges. There is no white stripe on the center of the bow.

Yuuki Yuuna – short jacket. Over the knee brown socks. V-shaped (like two petals or leaves together) white hair clip on her right side. White ribbon with a slim black stripe about 1″ from the end, tying up her side ponytail.

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