What We’ve Been Up To

Apologies to everyone who’s been following and wondering what’s happened to all of us and to timely Cosbreaks updates! I’d been intending to get an update posted here on the blog for awhile, but unfortunately had clearly failed to get around to it. Here’s a run down on what we’ve all een up to of late though~!

Jenni has been keeping very busy with work, college, and a costuming internship. She’s currently lost in Wonderland as she volunteers with a local costumer on an elementary school production of Alice in Wonderland production (the sewing machine with the Cheshire cat fabric next to it seen in this post’s featured image is from her). Jenni’s also been slowly adding to Cosbreaks’ Reference Image Galleries, and recently posted cosplay breakdowns of Jiro Hitoyoshi from Concrete Revolutio and Leonardo Watch from Blood Blockade Battlefront. Plus, she’s also been running weekly meetups of the Santa Clarita Cosplay Club too. If you’re in the area, feel free to come join her and the other regulars!

Eliza has been mourning Hannibal‘s cancellation, scouring the woods for photogenic mushrooms, and reading primary sources about the American colonial period. She recently posted a first look cosplay analysis on Scarlett Johanssen’s look as Motoko Kusanagi for the upcoming movie based on the series Ghost in the Shell, and is also at work as a contributing writer for State of the Art Magazine and Hip Latina.

And I, Danica, have been busy with working on art and assisting at church with their website and creating the sermon powerpoint. As well as, of course, spending a bit too much time on video games (Miitomo is rather distracting recently too). Admittedly, I have failed to do much for Cosbreaks aside from making sure WordPress & plug-ins are kept updated. Trying to get back on top of it all again though!! Had started on subscription box reviews on my blog, but am a bit behind on it currently thanks to life and just having trouble settling down and polishing up the near finished posts. ^^;; Have so far reviewed the January Doki Doki Crate, and the first Loot Anime crate, with the second Loot Anime crate review eventually to be up whenever I get photographs cropped. And when I get photographs taken there will at some point be reviews on Arcade Block, Loot Gaming, ArtSnacks, and more Loot Anime too.

We’ve also welcomed Ash Pana to our team as a Contributing Writer and she’ll be taking care of the twitter account in the future too.

We have lots of things planned to get done in the coming weeks and months, so do wish us the best of luck with it all and let us know what you’re interested in seeing (though please keep in mind Cosbreaks is not currently taking specific requests for character breakdowns, but we can definitely note things to look into in the future when our writers have the time for additional cosplay reference guides). And remember if you’ve got some helpful content of your own you’d be interested in sharing or having hosted at Cosbreaks do let us know! Guest posts are plenty welcome too. ^^ Or if you’d like to show the staff some love and help keep us energized, buy us a coffee maybe? <3 Thanks for continuing to follow and support Cosbreaks!

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