Black Butler – Shinigami Dispatch Society – Eric Slingby

yana toboso concept art kuroshitsuji eric slingby black butler musical 2 kuromyu2 kuromyu death scythe suit coat tie black glasses wallet chainEric Slingby is a musical-only character, from Kuroshitsuji: The Most Beautiful DEATH in the World. Due to being unable to find high quality images from the musical, aside from promo images and Yana Toboso’s sketches, my references are rather blurry. There were two runs of the musical but the costumes were identical as far as I can see (possibly the same costume tailored for different actors)

I’m working off the assumption that Eric’s suit is basically very similar to William’s (here) and Ronald’s (here). Main differences: no vest, different shirt, different belt, extra chains,

From all appearances, the suitcoat itself is identical to all the other shinigami coats. (This isn’t uncommon for theatre in my experience; accessories can make a costume unique while the central piece unifies a group of characters) There are two vents in the back and three buttons in the front, with a couple of non-functional pockets on the sides. The cuffs have four black buttons each. It appears fairly tailored without being tight. He never buttons it.

The collar of Eric’s white button-down shirt has four black buttons and corresponding buttonholes. He never buttons them or the top button of the shirt itself. There is a buttonhole in either corner of the collar (and a matching button underneath), which has a wider spread than the other shinigami’s shirt collars. The black buttons on the front of his shirt come in sets of two down the front and there is one black button on each cuff. The shirt fits well but not too tight.

His straight slim tie is perpetually loose, although the  knot itself is tight, implying intention behind the style. The total length is about to the belt. It’s of a finely patterned black silk.Eric Slingby cosplay reference suit coat suitcoat tie shinigami stage musical

The pants are straight black dress pants, simple and pressed neatly.

There feels like a metallic shine to his belt. It could be a double row of small studs or rivets of a metal that is fairly dark but still catches the light well. From the images I’ve got though, I think it’s a very shiny leather braided belt.

Attached to the belt loop is a double wallet chain that probably has an extra leather (braided?) strap coming off the front. Very hard to tell in the reference images. It could be made of black beads or metal chain. In the concept art, it’s a chain attached to a metal ring on the belt loop.

His shoes are plain black dress shoes. No further detail available.

Like the other shinigami, Eric wears a pair of short black or dark brown leather gloves. They might be driving or riding gloves.

eric slingby death scythe shinigami kuroshitsuji black butler kuromyu 2 musical the most beautiful death in the world His glasses appear to be rimless with black metal frames in most shots but sometimes I think they might have a top rim. They’ve got a slight tint to them as well – not actual sunshades but just a little blueish tint. I’m not sure if this is just for stage lighting purposes or what; up to you.

He has two earrings in each ear – one post through the cartilage and one in the earlobe. Concept art shows the latter as a round stud earring but the promo pic shows it as a loop/circle type. Yana’s original concept art also gives him a gold chain necklace but it does not appear in the musical itself.

Eric’s Death Scythe is a saw of sorts – it reminds me of a tree saw, to be honest. He carries it by the handle, behind his shoulder, with the serrated edge facing out. The handle is black with a red rim next to the blade. Along the top of the blade there is red lettering that says DEATH SCYTHE. (Notably I don’t think Grell’s says this; this would be because Grell’s is not approved or licensed but everyone else’s is)

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Did this reference guide help with your Eric Slingby cosplay? Do you have a correction or additional information? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear about it!