Susan Foreman Cosplay Breakdown: Doctor Who, An Unearthly Child: Pleather Jockey Cap

Susan’s jockey cap has six plates and is made of either leather or pleather.


The plates are aligned as they are in this clipping from a 60s Simplicity jockey cap pattern.


It is much like this vintage jockey cap, but with a shorter bill and without the belt.


Susan wears the cap askew to the left so we can not see the top button.


Again, I do not have a color reference. I instinctively imaged it as a maroon leather, and it appears to be about as dark as Carole Ann Ford’s hair (near-black brown) or Susan’s collar (black).


Whether black or a near-black maroon or brown, it must be very dark.


Seen In:

  • An Unearthly Child – An Unearthly Child
  • Publicity Shoot

Please follow for more Doctor Who cosplay breakdowns! I am currently working on a Susan Foreman archive.


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