Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Rey (Daisy Ridley) – Desert Planet (Tatooine?) Clothes

force-awakens-rey Last night the first Star Wars: The Force Awakens character names were released in the form of mock-up collectible cards, including Daisy Ridley’s Rey. In the previously released teaser trailer and film images, Rey wears dusty clothes on an unconfirmed desert planet (rumored to be Tatooine). I doubt Star Wars fans will pass up the opportunity to cosplay new characters this coming year just because their movie won’t be out until December. Gathered here are all the Jaina Solo costume details I gleaned from the teaser trailer. This cosplay breakdown post will be updated as new trailers and images are released. I highly recommend clicking each image to see its full resolution.

The primary color of this costume is a dusty, sandy shade. The teaser trailer, short as it was, showed a lived-in world with the grime and nicks that made the original trilogy believable. Most likely Rey’s character’s clothes were white once upon a time.


Rey wears a voluminous wrapped turban. Underneath, her hair is in a high bun. After some experimentation with my own fashion scarves, I believe I’ve determined how it is wrapped. My best guesses for the scarf dimensions are about 2 feet by 12 feet.

Oh, you thought this was going to be a cheap cosplay.

Step 1: Take your scarf and place it on your head with most of the material on your right side.

Step 2: Throw the material on your left over your right shoulder (underneath the material on the right) and let it hang down your back. The hanging part should be long enough to tuck into the belt.

Step 3: Take the material on the right and drape it across your chest, pulling it tight underneath your chin.

Step 4: Gather it around your left ear and tightly twist the remaining material.

Step 5: Wrap around your head and across your forehead twice. Tuck the end in the back.


The lengthy black item attached to her vehicle is not visible in side shots, and since I don’t know for sure what it is or if it is a personal item, I won’t break it down.

Visible underneath her headgear is her shawl. In this shot it looks like her shirt, but the wide-view shows it to be a middle layer that is criss-crossed in front and tucked into her belt. It is the same color as her headgear, but of a thinner material that has created many thin folds. Those are not sleeves on her arms but arm wraps, and then what look like two-toned homemade leather gloves. The cuffs are dark brown, while the rest that is visible is orange-brown.


The most interesting piece of this outfit is the eye protection. You should probably find protective goggles or lab eyewear to use as a base, which will be covered in soft dark brown leather. The eyes are reflective black with an elongated shape that turns up at each end. The outside of the eye shape is stretched further and is more rounded than the inner eye. Around the eyes and across the entire front of the goggles is a tan, leathery overlay. Its outer edges are scalloped. Inside, a row of raised bumps surround each eye opening. The lower and outer sides have a second row of raises bumps.

On each side are two rimmed horizontal metal pieces, one on top and one below. They are a dark rusty brown color. These pieces slope thinner on the inner edges. On each piece are two evenly spaced, vertical, rounded, bits of metal connecting the upper and lower rimmed edges. Toward the outer edges are holes in the sides that allow a metal bar to pass through it and its partner piece. The metal bars then curve outward and are visible until they again turn vertical, making a rectangle on each side of the goggles. The outer vertical bars of these rectangles are hidden between the dark brown base and lighter overlay of the goggles. The goggles are held in place by dark leather ties. They also appear to be attached by passing between the dark brown base and lighter overlay of the goggles with the metal rectangle. I do not think these leather ties tie together at the back of her head, but instead connect while between the goggles layers. This guess is based on the large bump visible between the layers.

There is an unknown cylindrical shape on the lower right side, attached at an angle pointing slightly upward inward. It is the same color as the rest of her clothes. The inner end is a rounded knob while the outer end is flatter. Two thick seamless raised bans are barely visible, one toward each end.

The long views in the clip show her goggles down, but the closeups show her goggles high on her forehead. Her eyebrows are thick and shaped. Daisy’s character has her natural brown eyes with dark but subtle eyeliner and mascara. Otherwise, her makeup is natural and light, with glowing rosy-tan skin and subtle pink lips. Oh and the dust never gets to her teeth.


One hi-res image of Rey was released. This is where we see her sleeveless shirt. It is whiter than the rest of her outfit, no doubt newer, and looks machine-made while the rest of her outfit has a homespun texture quality. We get a good view of her arm wraps which cover from mid-upper-arm to at least her wrist and possible her hands. They have a two-toned quality because the edges of the wrap are dirtier than the center.

The shawl is held in place by her thick, orange-brown leather belt. It wraps around her natural waist and then her hips, where her satchel is attached. I suspect this is one belt wrapped around twice, with the criss-cross on her other side. The extra material that comes down her back (and is better seen in the following photo) is most likely part of her headgear, and is also tucked into her belt. The satchel is square-ish and grimier and more yellow-toned than the rest of her clothes.

Her pants are very loose and extend to past her knee, where the tight horizontal cuffs keep the pants from flying up her thighs. There is no side seam. It may be that the pants are cut to drastically tighten after the knee, and what I called cuffs are actually the pants rolled up to where they began to tighten.

The short boots are mostly dark leather, with the exception of the heel and buttons, which match the primary off-white tone of her outfit. The sole is also leather and light toned. Each boot is made of three pieces of fabric. The first dark brown piece covers her toes and foot until partly up her ankle, where it gives way to the identically colored but bumpy-textured leather that circles around her ankle and calf. It closes on the outside with two large buttons they may also be smooth leather. The third piece covers her heel. It connects to the first piece with a straight seam midway across her ankle. Large brown stitching that blends into the darker part of the shoe and stands out on the lighter part circles her ankle, with some uniform spacing until the dark texture piece. This is probably a place besides the piece borders where the textured brown piece is sewn into the rest of the shoe.


The only back view we have is extremely fuzzy, but needed to show that the extra material down Daisy’s back is part of her headgear and not part of her shawl.

As more Star Wars: The Force Awakens images of Rey are released, I will update this post. Enough details were revealed in this teaser trailer to work up a recognizable cosplay. Are you planning on taking the mysterious maybe!Jaina Solo costume to a con next year? If you use any of my breakdowns for a cosplay or fan art, please share pictures! Email me at work dot elizanavarro at yahoo dot com to get your work featured with full credit and links to your personal sites. Please comment with any thoughts or questions. Particularly, I’d like to hear what your hopes are for Rey’s character. Leia inspired a generation of action-princesses and the new Star Wars films have the potential to be just as culture-shaping.

6 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Rey (Daisy Ridley) – Desert Planet (Tatooine?) Clothes

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  • January 11, 2015 at 5:42 pm

    As someone who became a Star Wars fangirl because of the now-rebranded “Legends” books, I’m totally torn on what to think of these new movies. I’ve been trying to keep rumor and spoiler free (only going to allow myself to see the official trailers and such), so I’ve been out of the loop. Rey is perhaps Han and Leia’s daughter? Jaina was one of my favorite characters, so this’ll be interesting for me. I definitely agree with your last line though!

    I didn’t mind Padme in the Prequels though –she came off as a bit more girly/feminine than Leia, but just as strong (in a quieter way).

    I’m reserving judgement on the new movies until I see them, but for now … am I the only one that thinks “Rey” is kind of a plain name? I love the name “Jaina” and don’t think it’s that hard to pronounce, but maybe they didn’t want to use the same names that the old Star Wars Expanded Universe books had?

    ~Cautiously Optimistic Fangirl. 😉

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  • December 21, 2015 at 5:30 pm

    I’d love to see a video of the headgear being put on as per these instructions, I’m better with following visual guides than written ones!

  • January 4, 2016 at 5:10 pm

    Can you make a youtube video of this? Would be awesome if you make a youtube video of the whole outfit? do you know any?

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