Space Patrol Luluco – Luluco – Space Patrol Uniform

Name: Luluco Series: Space Patrol Luluco Variant: Space Patrol uniform
Gender: female Hair: brown Eyes: blue Visual Age: 13
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Check out the gallery at the bottom of the post for all reference images, including Luluco’s justice gun form!

luluco - full length space uniform frontJACKET

For the light blue, I would use some kind of stretch vinyl. Not too thin but not too thick either – think a faux leather of some kind. There’s more than one good interpretation of this material, though. It could be more shiny or more matte. The thickness will affect your drape and how it clings to the body.

The gloves have no visible line separating them from the jacket. This is fairly inconvenient and overly warm so you could separate the two. The screen-accurate choice, however, is to have the sleeves include gloves on the ends. The palm and undersides of the fingers are white.

The collar pops out around the helmet with a rounded edge. Under the collar there are two white circles or ovals with a line through them. I interpret this as a quilted bubble. Could be either a different fabric or just a white of the same vinyl as the blue.

space patrol luluco - luluco side full lengthThe white sections under the arms are the same way. Note the vertical edge going up the front, intersected by horizontal lines sectioning off the white sides. There are five sections – the fifth is the gusset under the arm directly. Like the circle on the collar, I would put a little bit of batting or foam in before sewing down the horizontal lines to give it some extra dimension.

There are two white lines or notches (see notes on pants below) from just below the elbow to the center back of the hand. There is another notch on the underside of the wrist that only runs about 1/3 of the way to the elbow.

The space patrol symbol (an orange planet) is on the right shoulder for sure. You can only see it in the OP.

space patrol luluco - back pants belt detailsPANTS

The Space Patrol uniform doesn’t seem to have separate shoes. I would address this as a boot cover. In most photoshoots there is no need to include the shoe detailing (the lego-like indent on the bottom of the shoe) and it could be photoshopped if needed. You could make the boot cover removable or make the shoes one unit with the pants by gluing the pants down to the shoes.

The pants are the same material as the jacket. They are fairly tight. Below the knee there are three sweeping white lines that go to the bottom of the foot. The lines look more like indents or channels to give the pants dimension. There is another line/notch at the heel.

In certain angles it appears that there is a white section at the top inside of the pants’ crotch area – perhaps similar to the underarm area of the jacket? But for visual coherency I would be cautious about adding it since the jacket will move and reveal more of it than intended. It could also be an animation inconsistency.

space patrol luluco - badge detail full length uniform AONACCESSORIES

The belt is white. I would build this with white vinyl and foam so attaching the holster and gear is easier. The gear at the back is fairly large but not huge. It’s about a third to half the width of her waist, centered. The holster belt/gun is mostly undetailed as it really does nothing (Luluco IS the gun) but is pretty averagely pistol sized. See images.

The latch on the belt is white with a red center. I’m not really sure of the logic on how it actually buckles, but we’ll go with it anyway. I would use velcro under the center piece. The belt itself is loose enough to hang down one hip (definitely looser than Alpha Omega Nova’s belt)

I’m not including wig details because there are too many options on where to go with this. If you choose to make the helmet, the color of your wig will likely be lighter than the reddish brown that her hair is just so that the red globe will make the hair look more orange. If you choose to do without the helmet, you can either represent the helmet by using a more orange wig or just go with the promo art style which is just her normal hair color.

Either way, at the top there is the flashing police siren. It’s red on a white base. Start with a TARDIS headband/fascinator tutorial (1, 2, 3) for a basic idea of how to construct this.

space patrol luluco - luluco CU badgeIf you use the helmet, her ‘shooting’ star hairclip and pigtail stick out. The hairclip is a basic five pointed star (either on a clip or on a ponytail holder). You can represent the pigtail either with a highly styled weft of wig hair or foam/etc construction. The pigtail is brown.

The badge that she shows off to Midori is silver and flips open to have the space patrol insignia as well as some other blocks of color. The gallery includes a full look at the badge.

TUTORIALS mentioned in this post

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