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celestial method noel coatI still feel like Sora no Method is competing in some indefinable way with Anohana but that’s okay. Noel is adorable on her own. It would be lovely fun to dress up an actual elementary-age kid like this.

Noel wears two small bows in her hair. They look like mini-rabbit-ear bows. A tutorial like this or this could be easily modified for them.

Noel’s coat is surprisingly straight-forward. It’s fairly loose all around. There is a slight flare to the cuffs of the sleeves, which should come just a little bit short of the wrist. There’s also a flare at the waist – it won’t be tight to the hips. The total length should be somewhere mid-thigh.

The fastening for the coat is to the left side of her body. It’s an invisible-ish fastening under the black trim. It gaps a tiny bit when it’s in motion at the very bottom, so the fastening probably starts an inch or two up from the bottom just for ease. It could be anything from an inset invisible zipper to velcro to snaps.

The general construction looks like this: two pieces for the back, two sleeve pieces, and two front pieces. You can’t see the collar under the turtle-neck collar but it’s probably a round collar, trimmed in the same black as the rest of the edges – sleeves, bottom, and front.

sora no method noel coatAt the waist of the coat in back there is a huge coral-pink bow. From the front, you should be able to see the loops of the bow behind her hips. It lines up with a stripe of the same color that goes around the waist. The color really does appear to be part of the fabric but it could just as easily be a ribbon or narrow width of fabric sewed on to look like it ‘attaches’ to the bow. Whichever looks more natural.

There is an undershirt under the coat. It’s a long-sleeve black shirt with a turtle-neck collar that pops up over the coat. The blacks in this show tend to look charcoal-y, go with what looks better with your fabric shades. Just as long as all the blacks match it will be fine.

The turtleneck collar is thick, but looks like it’s split into sections. You can’t see the back, but in front there’s a center section and two side sections. I don’t think the split goes past the fold, though. Might not even go much farther than the pink stripe around the edge. At the point of each split, there is a black string with a firm black pom-pom at the end.

She wears over the knee charcoal or black socks. Something like this from Sockdreams would work wonderfully!

celestial method noel boots and coatA note about the length of the coat versus the length of the socks, and the gap between the two: Because Noel is a little girl, she can get away with the short coat/long sock with a gap of skin between without looking too adult. On a teen or adult cosplayer, this is going to be much more difficult, especially if you’re fighting keeping the socks up. (A good tip is to use school gluesticks if you can’t obtain sock glue to keep the socks up) The body proportions are just different. I’d suggest showing less skin which will also make you look a little shorter.

The boots have a white body. They are tight at the ankle and foot, but do seem to have a bit of a looseness above to where they stop mid-calf. The soles and toes are blue. There are two blue buttons on the white portion towards the outside.


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