Ao no (Blue) Exorcist – Rin – School Uniform – Breakdown

Name: Rin Series: Blue Exorcist Variant: school uniform
Gender: male Hair: black Eyes: blue Visual Age: 16
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blue exorcist - rin concept art


The body of the jacket is black. It is cut close but straight, ending at the top of the hips. Rin never buttons it. Around the collar, lapels, and down the front edge there is a narrow white trim. The bottom edge, however, is not trimmed.

The collar is a stiff stand-up square collar – like a mandarin collar, only with a fold-over. On the foldover of the collar, there are two brads or pins (probably for what class he is in).  On Rin’s right, it’s almost a leaf shape – very similar to the shape of the patch, although not as round. On the other side it’s a rectangular piece. Both look like metal, but it could be easily faked with embroidery.

There are five small silver or white buttons below the lapels.

On Rin’s right, there is a patch to the right of the lapel. Obviously the logo of the school, there is some kind of calligraphic kanji in orange on a white background in a red oval-on-a-stick (like a tennis racket shape) with some indistinguishable yellow text underneath.

Collar Pin


His shirt is a plain white collared button-down long-sleeve shirt.  Never tucked in. Should fit like any dress shirt meant to be worn with a jacket.


His pants are basic straight-legged dress pants in black, to match the coat. Should be a little bit too long to fall over shoe, but not so long as to drag on the floor.


hair clip blue exorcistHis normal shoes are black with no distinguishing marks.

The tie is striped on the bias: equal stripes of black, red, black; then a thin white stripe; then black, red, black again. The end is square and has a silver school crest embroidered on it. It always seems tied a little bit loose.

Hair clip for when Rin is studying – here’s a package on Amazon. It’s the sort of hair clip that a hairstylist would use to divide sections of hair.

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