Puella Magi Madoka Magica – School Uniform (Female)

pmmm school uniform madoka jacket overshirtThis is the general post for all of the female school uniforms for Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I’ve made a note when I notice a huge variance in the outfit itself between characters, but please refer to images of the specific girl you want to cosplay if you need hair accessory information. Also, I’m aware SHAFT’s animation is very stylistic after going through so many Mekakucity characters’ outfits… so I am going to reference it as I go.

The top is made of a two pieces – a blouse and an overshirt or jacket. The blouse is a simple white long-sleeve shirt with a mandarin collar. SHAFT’s animation style is rather simplistic so it doesn’t show whether it zips or buttons. You won’t see much of it under the overshirt so whatever works for you. The collar does have a distinct hem around the top – it could be SHAFT animation or it could be piping.

I am pretty sure that the sleeves should never show under the overshirt either. If you expect to be cosplaying in the heat I would even suggest making it sleeveless or just sewing the collar into the overshirt (basically a fake collar). Just notice that it needs to show in the back as well.

The beige or cream overshirt goes over the head. It doesn’t zip or anything – it has one button in the back (notice where it shows the white blouse underneath). Around the top of the square collar it is trimmed in brown (probably bias tape). The square needs to fall to the top of the bust. Imagine it to be low enough to show cleavage if there weren’t a shirt underneath it but not so low that it becomes embarrassing.

pmmm madoka school uniform plaid skirtThe sleeves of the overshirt puff a bit below the shoulder. The well-fitted body extends below the waist with a gentle curve in the center back and two short points on either side of the front. There is a pocket on both sides at about waist length. The bottom edge as well as the wide white cuffs are trimmed in white lace  below a red stripe (probably bias tape). In center back there is a cream bow at about waist height.

The school skirt is black and white (or cream?) plaid. The pattern is uneven: the focus is on the black background while three thin white stripes in both directions intersect at large intervals. If you can’t find this plaid at your fabric store, you can make it like this tutorial.

pmmm school uniform full length madoka sayakaThe red bow is very wide but the ties around the neck are slim. I would recommend pre-tying it and then attaching it to thin fabric ties that could come around the neck and dangle below just to keep it consistent.

There are two sock styles I’ve noticed. Madoka wears thigh-highs that come right below her skirt (if your skirt is longer, just make the socks come right above the knee) while Sayaka’s and their other friend wears navy socks that come below the knee. This makes Madoka appear more childish because she shows less leg technically.

All the shoes (at least outside of school) are brown loafers. They may have a school-issued bag (like in Cardcaptor Sakura) as I’ve noticed some blue bookbags that are pretty similar.

Got a tutorial, pattern, or product recommendation relating to this breakdown? Let me know in the comments and I will add it. Thanks!

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