Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Kaname Madoka – Magical Girl

Name: Kaname Madoka Series: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Variant: magical girl (potential future)
Gender: Female Hair: dusty pink Eyes: Brown Visual Age: 14
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Photo reference gallery at the end of the post!

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Official concept art pmmm madoka kaname magical girlDRESS – BODICE

As it’s such a complex piece with not a lot of real construction details, there are multiple right ways to put this outfit together. I’m operating off the assumption that the dress is one piece. There is no separate blouse. The neck ribbon is not part of the dress – see Accessories below.

The front of the collar is a square sweetheart neckline, but not too deep. It should not show any cleavage (if you have any to show – Madoka doesn’t). Binding is an option for larger-chested girls who want to come off as early adolescent, but it’s not a requirement. The smooth lines of the bodice will visually reduce bust size a little, as the bodice is probably lightly boned.

Though the top ruffle looks seamless, there’s clearly a button/snap placket. This would make the construction like this: two pale yellow fronts and the pink back/sides. There are no seams in the pink section, but it could be interpreted as two to three pieces if needed for appropriate shaping.

The button placket is white, attached to either side of the yellow front pieces. There are five buttons/snaps.

There are ruffles across the neckline in front and back. For the front, have the two sides of the ruffles overlap a little so it looks seamless. The back just goes straight across.

Speaking of the back of the bodice, there is a heart-shaped cutout in the center back just below the neckline. Don’t forget to line the inside and definitely add stabilizer/interfacing around the cutout.

The white sleeves attach to the top of the bodice just barely – there are pink straps at the top of the bodice that the sleeves are set into. They have a decent puff at the top. To create a ruffled edge, there is a dark pink casing with elastic in it. There is a second ruffle under the white ruffle, light pink. It’s probably attached at the point of the elastic casing underneath.


The skirt of thepmmm madoka kaname pink overskirt petticoats dress is in two pieces. There’s a pink petal skirt over the white base skirt, attached to the the bodice. In the concept art, the color goes from the pink of the bodice down to white by the point; the gradient was not animated.

The petals should not cling to the white skirt and should be pretty free. I’d put a little wire in the edges so that I could shape them as needed though. The trim is a darker pink, with three small white decorations in each point as noticed in the closeup image here. They could be gems or they could be cutouts.

The undersides of the petals are self-lined, with the same pink as on the front side. If you choose the cutout option, again remember to put in some stabilizer.

There are two brighter pink bows on top of the petal skirt on the center of either side under the armhole. The white bubble on the screencap is part of the OP effects and is not part of the bow!

There are two options for the white bubble skirt. It could be part of the petticoat OR it could be a separate piece over the petti. Depends on what your petti looks like at the top layer.


The petticoat is basically layer upon layer in a fluffy circle puff or bubble. There’s a great tutorial HERE about it which explains it visually.


Her socks come right under the knee. At the top they fold over and have a ruffle. I personally would use lace (my grandmother used to add hand-crocheted lace to socks) but it’s up to you – you could add a ruffle in a matching fabric if desired. I like these socks from SockDreams and would add my lace to the tops of them.

pmmm kaname madoka magica shoesThe shoes are red cross-strap mary-janes with short heels. There is an ankle cuff that has a bow in the back. (In some caps it looks like a separate piece, much like the choker. But in some caps it looks like part of the shoe. Multiple interpretations are valid.) Unsure of how one gets one’s foot in and out; probably the straps come off with a snap? Check into lolita shoes for a source on something similar to these. HERE is one option from Anna House; the one difference is a buckle on the front of the strap.


The gloves are white with a pink elastic band at the wrist. The cuffs have points all around. I would use solid fabric and then edge in lace. There look like there are 6-8 points around each cuff.

She has two large pink hair bows for her pigtails. They should face outwards.

Her red choker ties behind in a bow. I would make the bow completely tacked or glued together and then snap to itself under the center of the bow.

The soul gem could theoretically be attached to the choker, dangling (with invisible thread between the choker and the bodice?) in the center, but it’s unclear. It doesn’t seem to twist or move when she moves but stays with her. It could also be bonded to the skin (with spirit gum).


See gallery for reference images!

FiveWits did come out with a decent Madoka wig HERE.

For those who like to style/build their own wigs with Arda, I would start with a Magnum in your choice of Serah Pink, Bubblegum Pink, or Light Pink (color card HERE). You could start out with a Chibi instead as it is pre-pigtailed, but I don’t like how the front looks where it goes into bangs. Arda’s ponytail clips only come in long, but there might be enough hair to create two short pigtails. (I don’t have a lot of wig experience so this is my best guess for a starting point)

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