Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Akemi Homura – Magical Girl

puella magi madoka magica homura akemi magical girl dress  closeupThere are only slight differences in her outfit over the time that Homura is a magical girl. Just pay attention to the detail about the front bow (noted below) and you should be fine. The other basic difference is in the hair style – early Homura has two braids tied with purple scrunchies; late Homura just has the purple headband. She also ditches her red-rimmed glasses as she levels up.

Homura’s top seems to be in two layers – the fuku top (white + lavender) and the collared undershirt (dark purple). I am pretty positive that they are 2 pieces but you could simply attach the dark purple pieces to the lavender ones to make there be less layers for hot days (especially if you choose to optionally wear a binder to reduce your bust therefore already have multiple layers).

The underlayer is dark purple. All you can see is the collar and the spmmm madoka magica homura akemileeve cuffs. The sleeves fit tightly enough and come to a little past the wrist, trimmed in the same dusty lavender as the fuku top.  The collar looks like it stands up a little like a turtleneck and then folds down with two long points in front and a square in back.  The outer edge of the collar, including the tear-shaped keyhole in the center back, is edged in white.

The purple bow is dark but not as dark as the undershirt. The color matches the bow on the back of the fuku. It fits under the collar of the undershirt and lays over it. The way Homura’s bow is drawn varies between scenes. Sometimes it’s a floppy, loose bow that hangs down; sometimes, like in the scene with the clothesline witch, it’s a tight small bow. See the gallery below for the differences.

concept art official homura akemi magical girl pmmm madoka magicaThe fuku top is white with 3/4 sleeves (just past the elbow) that end in a point over the back of the hand/arm and a V on the underside.  The trim on the sleeves and bottom edge are all the dark purple from the undershirt.

The body of the fuku has an opening up the front but no buttons are visible. You could add buttons or you could go with something invisible like velcro, snaps, or a zipper. The front has two long points on either side of the opening; the back has one center point. These points should fall just above the bottom edge of the skirt or a little longer. The center back bow sits at the waist and should be the same purple as the collar bow; the strings are longer than the skirt.

NOTE: the concept art shows a center back seam as well as side seams. SHAFT has a habit of not keeping the animation for costumes consistent in-show so concept art should be good.

The dusty lavender collar on the fuku is a pretty unique shape as far as I’ve seen in anime. It’s a very wide opening and just clings to the shoulders. The front center should fall a little above the points of the inner shirt collar points – I think this should be just above the top of the bust (theoretically if you have cleavage it would not be showing if you had nothing under the fuku).

The points of the fuku front collar are possibly a right angle. The back is a single right angle point, falling in the center. There is either black stitching or black piping along the edge of the fuku. I’d put it at about 1/2 to 1 inch in. Note that it crosses over and goes all the way to the edge.

Thomura akemi pmmm madoka magicahe skirt is about thigh length, quite above the knee. But definitely make it as long as you are personally comfortable with. It floofs a little so I would put a small petticoat under it. Depending on the particular shot, the white edging looks like either part of a petticoat or part of the skirt itself. The concept art implies it is part of the skirt; some action shots make it look more like a petti. Up to you.

The tights are the same dark purple from the undershirt with a dusty lavender  argyle up the outside of the leg. The shoes have a decent heel on them! The shape of the heel is quite feminine and slender but somehow she still manages to run in them. It’s hard to see from a lot of the animation, but I think the toe is possibly a bit pointy.

The glasses she wears early on are fairly large and rimmed in red. The top edge has an invisible rim.

She does wear her headband both before and after she has braids. It’s dark purple.

Check the gallery for detail shots of her shield and soul gem! She wears the soul gem on her right hand. The shield should go over the fuku sleeve, not under it.

I will be covering tutorials for both in my upcoming tutorial link masterpost for PMMM. If you’d like to submit one, please email or comment for inclusion.



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