Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal – Cosplay Tutorial Roundup

The nice thing about Sailor Moon Crystal is that the outfits appear to be essentially the same as the classic outfits from the original anime & manga so there already are a ton of tutorials out there for how to make your own sailor senshi uniform! Because these tutorials cover the costume very well, I’m not doing a breakdown unless requested.

Note: I have not personally used any of these patterns or tutorials yet. Inclusion on this list is not necessarily a recommendation, but I did add any comments I had about the tutorial after the link.

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EDIT TO ADD: Here are the Cosbreaks Youtube playlists for all the video tutorials below plus some more that I’ve found in my internet browsing since! (Many are in Spanish but are useful even if you do not speak it.)

Sewing Tutorials Youtube Playlist

Prop Tutorials Youtube Playlist

Wigs & Makeup Youtube Playlist


General Help

  • Common Mistakes (from a Sailor Moon-centric Tumblr)
  • Live Action Breakdown (I haven’t seen the live action drama yet but this looks like a great guide!)
  • SenshiStyle (Group on DeviantArt focusing on tutorials; I’m sure there’s some duplication between their list and mine but still a great resource!)
  • Ichigokitty’s Video Cosplay Breakdown (this is a great 22 minute video on how one cosplayer did her cosplay. Love it!)
  • Cosmode March 2014 Info (sampling from the Cosmode mook, including the instructions for their Sailor Moon pattern that was included. Check the Resources page for links on deciphering Japanese patterns if you decide to pick up a copy!)
  • Sera-pii Kisu’s Deconstructions (YAY breakdowns for, as of 7/2014, six Usagi outfits from the manga, anime, and musicals. Great information here.)
  • Otaku Senshi (how to design your own Sailor Senshi uniform for an OC)


Full Tutorial


Specific Piece Tutorials

  • Skirt Tutorial (video tutorial, uses SparklePipsi’s Fuku tutorial and shows how it’s done)
  • Hip Roll Tutorial (refers to Green Pepper skating leotard pattern)
  • Hip Roll Tutorial (does not refer to leotard pattern)




Want me to add your link (or your favourite link)? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll get it added in.

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    Poro Poro’s Pattern Shop has been unavailable for some time now. =\

    • March 14, 2017 at 9:50 pm

      I will have to find an alternate when I update the list next.

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