Ouran High School Host Club – High School Uniform, Male – Breakdown

This uniform is identical between all Ouran Academy high school students. Specific characters can be achieved by changing hair/glasses.


PANTS – black, straight-legged slacks

SHOES – black standard shoes

blazer mid-length

BLAZER – between periwinkle and sky blue; falls to the hips; two buttons of the same colour as the blazer; two side pockets; folded blazer-type collar; needs to be fitted well but not too feminine. The artstyle doesn’t detail the construction overly much but there is definitely  a seam down the back.

back view

PATCH – the rust/orange, simpler patch is from the anime (simpler and more contrasting for animation purposes). The other, more intricate design is from the manga. Either can be used; it is the only real difference between manga and anime designs. I’m getting mine from Anruiukimi’s Etsy shop. 

SHIRT – longsleeve, collared, white,  buttondown.

TIE – black w/ purple stripe down the center. I’ve seen it suggested on Cosplay.com’s forums to do this by taking a cheap black tie and sewing a purple ribbon or purple bias tape down the centre.

Have something to add? Something I missed? Comment below! I review all comments for possible (and credited) addition.

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