Mekakucity Actors – Takane Enemoto – Cyber

Name: Takane Enemoto Series: Mekakucity Actors Variant: Cyber
Gender: Female Hair: Blue Eyes: Green Visual Age: Teens
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full length sittingThis is a cosplay reference guide for the CYBER version of Ene – the blue-haired one. (School!Ene and gamer!Ene are coming in the future)

CU torsoEne wears an oversized blue tracksuit jacket. You can’t see her hands at all and it comes down past her waist. It has a loosely ribbed turtle neck. It zips up with a white zipper, but does not have any pockets. The bottom edge has loose ribbing as well. (I noticed that it looks like Shintarou’s red tracksuit jacket only in different colours!)

Up the top of each sleeve and over the shoulder is a white stripe. It does not continue onto the collar. (NOTE: I have found an off-model shot where the left sleeve stripe is omitted. This is NOT correct.) The sleeves seem to widen as they go down, depending on the shot.

Her box pleated school skirt is black and about halfway to the knee. Under it she wears what look like tall knee socks but what are more likely to be tights that look like knee socks as the blue stripe continues up past the ‘sock’. The sock portion goes over the knee. Down the front center, as mentioned, there is a blue stripe. Above the sock the stripe breaks for a dot, and then continues up under the skirt. Note on the sock portion that there are two rectangles outlined near the top on the outside of the leg.

headphone and face detailFor accessories, Ene has a pair of gamer headphones, with a microphones on both sides. It looks like a very high quality pair. The markings on her face could be made with facepaint but they do have dimension – they stick out a bit from her face so a more realistic look would be to use prosthetics (latex) if possible. See details on headphones & face markings here.

Unlike her human form, she has cyber light blue eyes to match her colour scheme.

Additional references are on the Pinterest gallery below!

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