Mekakucity Actors – Shuuya Kano – Hoodie

Name: Shuuya Kano Series: Mekakucity Actors Variant: Hoodie
Gender: Male Hair: Blond Eyes: Yellow Visual Age: Teens
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inside jacketKano’s hoodie should be a bit longer than his fingertips – somewhere above the knee. It’s a little longer in front than back in some shots, and the actual length seems to vary a lot. The sleeves are short and fairly wide. There are pockets on either side, fairly low but not TOO low: at the right place to let Kano stick his hands in and flap the body of the hoodie like a bat. (Finally I’m not the only one who does this…)

The interior is white; the exterior is a very dark grey that’s only a shade away from black. The three spots on either side of the hood are white but on the interior they are black. In many shots the insides of the sleeves appear to be the same colour as the exterior.

The hood should be roomy but not so loose that it falls off. The back of the hood shows a straight seam that apparently does not continue down the back. (There are, of course, other seams that just must be invisible.)

Under the hoodie, Kano wears a black normal-fitting shirt with tighter sleeves that shoulfull length sittingd come to just at or below the elbow. The v-neck has a wide grey edge.

His jeans are pretty ordinary with pockets and a fly, held up by a typical black belt with a silver buckle. They’re tucked into his tall boots.

The snug black boots come up below the knee. They have a bit of a punk/goth vibe, with three wide straps encircling the leg. On the outside of the leg, the buckles are silver. I don’t think they’re functional; like on many boots the straps appear fully circular. For practical purposes, there’s likely to be a hidden zipper or velcro. There is lacing on top of the foot but with no visible ends. Again, probably non-functional. There is a seam around the heel and the toe. I personally envision these boots to be either a funky soft foam-rubber or else leather.

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