Mekakucity Actors – Momo Kisaragi – Hoodie

Name: Momo Kisaragi Series: Mekakucity Actors Variant: Hoodie
Gender: Female Hair: Orange Eyes: Black Visual Age: Teens
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hoodie detailupperMomo’s pink hoodie is short-sleeved with no ribbing on the sleeves. There’s ribbing at the waist. The hood has a seam down the center back that does not continue down the back of the body.  The zipper is silver or white.

According to the Mekakucity wiki, these are the characters on her hoodie, written in dark blue or black: 阿吽 . HERE is more information about the term.

On some days she wears a white high v-neck (no cleavage) cami or shirt under the hoodie; on some days she wears a light blue one. In some frames it also looks like a lower (but still no cleavage) crew neck. Your choice. Her hoodie is typically unzipped a bit to show the colour.

Her shorts are tan, fall above the knee (to your own comfortability level, anything above the knee is fine), and has a fly.

Mshoesomo’s shoes look much like Kido’s – maybe they’re the same brand. They have a pink body and tongue with a white toe, sole, and laces. Her socks either don’t show or are also pink from what I’ve noticed.

She wears the same light blue scrunchie as with her school uniform.


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