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Name: Marry Series: Mekakucity Actors Variant: n/a
Gender: Female Hair: Blond Eyes: Red Visual Age: Teens
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Marry from Mekakucity Actors Hoodie and headband with flower(Spoiler-free zone!) Marry from Mekaucity Actors is a super-cute cosplay to do! Check out the gallery at the end of the post for additional images.

Quick note on color contacts: While I personally cannot recommend whether or not to use color contacts, it IS a plot point that Marry’s eyes are always red. Up to you whether or not you want to go this far for the outfit.

I debated with myself for a bit about whether or not Marry’s dress counts as lolita. I think that while she could be taken for lolita, she doesn’t quite count. Her skirt is a little long and the apron look is more maid-ish and doesn’t come off as very lolita. I could be wrong though.

EDIT: Baby the Stars Shine Bright has a Kagerou Project collab for Marry HERE. The preorder starts August 23, 2014. This isn’t an actual cosplay but it is very similar to the art for Marry and is officially lolita as it’s from a major lolita brand. It’s 20,000 yen which is about $200.

However, I do think that referring to the lolita community could be very helpful with her petticoat(s) that give her skirt shape. Out of the two basic kinds of pettis that are used for lolita, I think hers looks more like an A-line instead of a bell-shaped petti.  HERE is some more information on A-line petticoats versus bell-shaped from my favourite lolita tumblr.

There are three layers to her dress/apron outfit. On top shMarry from Mekakucity Actors sittinge has a white apron. Under that she has a blue dress, and under that there is one visible layer of white petticoat. There may be additional shorter pettis underneath however, to give it shape.

The apron has a scoop neck and a round skirt. We never see how it ties in back because her hair covers everything. The shoulder ruffles go around and down and presumably meet the waist ties. (They might cross in back like Mey-rin’s). The ruffles are a separate piece from the shoulder straps and are sewn on. Likewise, the ruffles around the bottom edge of the skirt are a separate piece sewn onto the apron. They are not shown as lace and I wouldn’t interpret them as such personally.

The dress is also edged in ruffles made of the same material as the dress. It’s short-sleeves with wide white folded up cuffs at the elbow. The cuff doesn’t go all the way around; there is a V that indicates either that the piece isn’t sewn into a circle or else that there is a v-shape cut into it. I personally think it’s the former. There is a button on either point which could possibly be fastening it to the dress (but it doesn’t have to be; whatever works)

The collar slopes up the neck just a little bit. There are two buttons in front (to get your head out of the dress) If these aren’t enough, though, you could feasibly add a zipper in back as it would be theoretically hidden by the hair, apron, or both.

The edge of the petticoat is ruffled, but the ruffles seem to be a little bit looser than the ones on the dress. Like I said, I could imagine there being additional petticoats under it or over it but only the one shows. Experiment to figure out what works for you.

Hoodie goes over hair for Marry from Kagerou ProjectHer hoodie is white, but there are large light pink flowers printed on the back bottom half. (See the image) She doesn’t wear it properly but instead wears it like a cape, overtop her hair – presumably to hide its volume and color. There’s an oversized safety pin (probably about 3″ long) holding it shut at the top. On her left side, there is a large pink flower sewn to the hood. It’s probably made of fabric. HERE is a great list of 20 different fabric flower tutorials. Personally I would go with something like THIS to use as a tutorial base for making a thickish flat flower although it’s not exact (it’s close but it’s a sturdy little flower which is always important with fabric flowers).

Marry does not wear tights or stockings. Some frames do show her legs looking pink but I think this is because of the type of shading done for the show.

The boots are light brown or tan. No ties or laces are visible. The cuffs are wide and sloppy and the overall look is that they might be a little too big for her.

When she is out and about, she wears a pink headband with a medium sized pink bow on either side – down low, about right above her ear.

Note on the wig – I would look into either a Alyss/Undertaker wig or a Chii wig to use for this. It’ll definitely need trimming and styling and potentially adding wefts or extensions to give the back thickness if you so desired.

Check out the full gallery below – click for larger images!

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