Mekakucity Actors – Kousuke Seto – Hoodie

Name: Kousuke Seto Series: Mekakucity Actors Variant: Hoodie
Gender: Male Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Visual Age: Teens
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full lengthSeto’s jumpsuit is definitely one piece. At the waist are belt loops and a black belt, though there is no buckle shown. The cargo pockets are part of the pants, not attached to the belt. They each have one button.

The (permanently rolled up) cuffs of the sleeves and legs are white or off-white. The interior of the hood, however, is also green.

The collar of the jumpsuit is notched to show the shirt underneath, with lapels on either side. Below that is a flap that hides either a zipper or a row of snaps. There is stitching on either side of it. It continues down to the fly.

There is a silver zippered chest pocket over his heart.

Under the jumpsuit he wears a black v-neck (short sleeve or sleeveless)with a horizontally striped neckline (red, black, white). The width of the stripes varies from frame to frame. Sometimes the white stripe is very thin; sometimes it’s about 1-2″ wide.

His shoes are black with a white toe, tongue, and velcro strap. His socks are very short as you can’t see them.

The goggles are attached to the hood and therefore are non-functional. The eyepieces are firmly attached and do not slip around. The frames are silver; the glass is tinted a bit. The black straps theoretically could attach to each other as one side has a silver buckle and the other is simply tipped in silver metal.

Seto always wears a wide gold or brass-coloured hair clip on his left side, close to his scalp.

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