Mekakucity Actors – Kido Tsubomi

Name: Kido Tsubomi Series: Mekakucity Actors Variant: n/a
Gender: Female Hair: Dark Green Eyes: Black Visual Age: Teens
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hood and pants with pocketsThe only difference between in the game and outside the game for Kido is her pants. They’re plain and not rolled up although they are the same colour. (Also she has an awesome sword in-game. Very cool.)

Kido wears a dusty purple hoodie with an iPod theme to it. The front pocket has black sound level bars on it, as noted in the image. In the center of the hoodie is a round white iPod shuffle-like control unit with a fast forward and rewind symbol on either side of a blank inner circle.

The cuffs and bottom of the hoodie are made of a loose ribbing. The hood & square neckline is edged in white. On the exterior of the hood is a dark purple stripe that ends in a ring shape on either side – mimicking the look of headphones.

Under the hoodie, she wears a second shirt. (Proven – episode 12, the hoodie is shown by itself) It’s a dusty red and zips up. There’s some topstitching around the top as well as around the zipper, which is silver with a silver pull. The collar should come up pretty far so that you can pull your head down inside it as necessary. Like a turtle. As it’s also shown on the alternative outfits in the OP with a different hoodie, it looks like the red collar is part of a shirt she’s wearing under it. (Likely to be short or no-sleeves because you don’t see a second pair of cuffs in her sleeves) shoes

Her pants are army green cargo pants with a pocket on the outside of both legs as well as interior side pockets. Her left pant leg is always rolled up halfway to the knee.

She wears white anklet socks inside her shoes. The toe, heel, laces, and tongue of the shoes are white; the body and foldover are a sea green.

For additional reference images for cosplay or fanart, check out the Pinterest gallery!

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