Man of Steel – Lara Lor-Van – Trial Gown

Lara Lor-Van’s trial gown gets the least screentime of all her Man of Steel ensembles. The following four screenshots are the only views we get of her trial gown in the movie. All images can be clicked for the most detailed resolution.

This silhouette shot does little other than to show her voluminous sleeves ripple in the wind and the shape of her hairdo.


The headshots reveal the jacket/skirt overlay material texture, Lara’s ear piece, her makeup, and just a touch of her jeweled torso.


A back collar shot shows us her collar construction and a back seam.


This is the most significant shot her trial gown gets in the movie. We get a look at the shoulder construction, her lapel pattern, the shield on her chest, and her hairpiece.


This concept art piece was later released. Though it is detailed, changes were obviously made as the gown came to fruition. Her hairdo completely changed.

The real jackpot was when I found this photo from the Man of Steel press junket. Note the sleeve construction, undersleeves, bracelets/armpieces, skirt overlay lining, and skirt’s rippled construction.

The details of the jeweled front, shield, and hair piece can be seen in these behind-the-scenes shot from the Man of Steel Extended Featurette. Note that the blue underskirt divider lines sparkle.

Happy cosplaying or drawing Lara Lor-Van! Follow me for more science fiction breakdowns of fabulous female characters.

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