Black Butler – Finnian – Standard Outfit

Finny musical(Also nicknamed Finny.)

Finny wears a plain white shirt trimmed in red. The neckline is a simple circle with a v-shaped notch in front. The red is likely to just be bias tape, very simple to apply. The red bias tape is also around the bottoms of the shirt as well as the edges of the sleeves. The sleeves are 3/4 length, straight down. The fabric is likely to be a simple medium-weight cotton.

His pants are a glorious golden, brown, and red plaid. The musical is the best reference for the print. HERE is a good tutorial for making the plaid yourself if you can’t find it in a store. They don’t appear to have any visible pockets. There are belt loops for his tool belt, but it fits him perfectly so that he doesn’t need the belt to hold them up (noted because the toolbelt hangs loose). The anime does not show these belt loops but the musical includes them probably because the toolbelt would slop all over when running across the stage if it wasn’t held down.

His boots are black wellingtons (likely to be rubber) with red soles. The pants tuck into them.

crouchingThe toolbelt, as noted, hangs to the side. The buckle is on his left; the pouch is on his right and a little to the back. It’s hard to see in the musical but in the anime the strap wraps around the pouch with a buckle in front, indicating that it’s removable.

In the anime, the pouch is usually shown with a green-handled trowel and a red-handled pair of snips or scissors for visibility. The handles look natural in the anime. Alternatively, a side pouch like that (as long as it closed firmly) would be good for keeping your ID in at a con instead of carrying a backpack or purse.

Finny’s straw hat has a red band, and the strings are just right to hold it on. He doesn’t wear it on his head but just riding behind his neck. This could be a pain and it looks like for the musical it was tacked down to the back of the shirt so that the string doesn’t choke the neck. (See reference above) This is the really logical thing to do.

TattooDon’t forget Finny’s tattoo from his days as a human experiment. It says S-012 in a plain stencil-style font. (It’s possible that it’s a brand but a tattoo is easier to fake)

HERE is a method for making a temporary tattoo with gel pens or sharpies. Because of its location you will need a friend to help you apply it.

Finny wears three hair clips on his left and two on his right. Usually he is seen with white gardening gloves, short-cuffed.

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