Black Butler – Ciel Phantomhive – King Ciel

Name: Ciel Phantomhive Series: Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Variant: King!Ciel
Gender: Male Hair: Black/Grey Eyes: Blue Visual Age: 13
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full length broken crown

There are not near enough reference pictures of this gorgeous outfit. It appears for only a few seconds (or panels) in the funeral chapter/episode. Definitely worth cosplaying, however!

The anime design is nearly identical to the manga design, but has streamlined a few details for ease of animation as well as changed some light/dark tones for contrast. Always click for larger images – they’re all quite high quality!

full length cloak

The cape looks like it’s actually hooded. It doesn’t actually fasten, though, but lies over his shoulders. It’s very large and doubles as a blanket. The body is a purpley burgundy wine and the edge and hood are a thick off-white fur. (The hood is made completely out of the fur) When worn, it looks like it reaches the floor like a train.

The jacket is well-fitted.MANGA full length It’s a dark navy, trimmed in black along the bottom edges. It goes down past his hips; on either side there is a slit up to the waist to allow movement. On either side of this slit there are a couple strings of slender light blue beads. I simply cannot tell if they go all the way around his waist, are attached to the sash, or attach at some point near the center to his jacket where it’s hidden by the sash. Not enough references available to confirm.

The sleeves of the jacket are very interesting. At the shoulders they are puffed, with slashes all around to show a lining fabric. The slashes themselves are edged in black; the lining is a dark lavender. Below the puff, the sleeves tighten right to the arm with just enough room for a little movement. At the bottom edge they are trimmed in black as well. There is no cuff, just a little widening for the hand and a tiny point that pokes over the back of the hand just a little bit.

MANGA throneThe jabot hides the front so it is very hard to tell how it actually fastens. The manga suggests that it is double-breasted but shows no buttons. There is a side seam as well. There is a darkening near the potential double-breasted area so it’s probably edged in black too. Alternatively, it could simply go over the head and therefore be a long-sleeved tunic instead of a jacket. Because of the cravat we can’t see the neckline so it’s potential it might work like that instead.

Around the jacket is a black sash tied in a loose knot with a loop. The manga shows a little fringe on it. (The manga also shows it as light, but go with what matches better.)

There are hints of a shirt under the jacket. While the manga shows it as black for contrast, the white in the anime makes a lot more sense to me. It’s pure white with a gathered ruffle collar which sticks up, and matching gathered ruffle sleeves. There is a fine lace around the edges. Click the images for more detail!

throne sideLike the shirt, the jabot appears black in the manga but white works a lot better for me. Your choice. It has three layers of ruffles and looks like it ties around his neck.

His shorts are very dark grey and fall just above the knee when standing. (When sitting they pull up farther, naturally). They are loosely bloomer-style, ending in a band cuff, but are not very poofy to avoid looking like bloomers. With the shorts he wears pale grey socks with one column of darker grey vertical diamonds up each side. They’re either thigh-high socks or else actual tights. You should not see the tops of them under the shorts.

The boots come up mid-calf, leaving a good chunk of sock exposed. They’re brown with dark brown or black laces up the front. They have a small heel, probably appropriate for riding.

MANGA crownThe crown is much less detailed in the anime than it is in the manga. There are small spikes around the bottom edge that are not shown in the anime. The metal is gold and the fabric beneath is the same burgundy (maybe even the same fabric) as the cape. There are three smaller gems on each metal side piece going up, and a large green gem in front. On top is a slender cross. Overall, it looks like the king chess piece.

With this outfit, he wears his standard accessories (link HERE). In the manga, his nails are painted a dark colour – probably black – but in the anime they are not.

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