Black Butler – Ciel – Green Morning Coat

front standingWe’re first introduced to Ciel in this outfit in Episode 1, and it turns out to be one of his favourites as it reappears frequently. Also as one of his most iconic outfits, it was featured in the first Kuroshitsuji musical –  That Butler, Friendship.

According to my vague internet research on Victorian clothes, this is probably a morning coat. I’m terming it as such to differentiate from another green coat that Ciel wears. I’m open to debate on the specific names of the different outfits because I’m not a period expert. Feel free to comment or email with corrections!

kuromyu 1 torso cu

While I don’t have any full-length references from the musical, I do have some good front closeups of the coat. Notice the fabric used. I’m going to guess at a twill or something light yet durable; possibly wool. The collar, cuffs, and trim are possibly velvet or velveteen with a very short pile and no shine. The color is a little off because of the lights but it’s a much more subdued color than in the anime. Much more realistic yet still visibly the same outfit. Think a hunter green.

The buttons are smooth and shiny. Historically they might be made of silver; more practically they’re probably some sort of stainless steel. There should be eight to ten. Keep in mind that you will need a different amount of buttons based on your own torso length so it’s perfectly normal that there are more in the musical than in the anime.

Back sittingThe sleeves have four small buttons on the cuffs.

The coat itself is definitely fitted without being tight. It’s been tailored and fits very well. It appears to be made out of six pieces: two fronts, two sides, and two backs with a seam down the center. Note the seam angling up the shoulder blades on this back view here. There’s also a slit up the center back for ease in movement.CU front




A minor difference in the shirt (see above photos for comparison) is that the musical version has a wingtip collar while in the anime it is just a normal stand-up collar with no fold-over. It probably helps the bow stay down a little better. Otherwise it appears to be a standard button-down shirt. 

The bow is dark blue to match the tone of the green coat but not so dark navy as to blend with the black trim. Something vibrant like a royal blue will work. The bow is tied simply but is fairly stiff rather than being floppy probably due to its width and potentially being starched.

The shorts are of the same fabric as the coat and appear to be pretty standard boy shorts. They’re neatly pressed, though, with a crease down the center.

CU sock and shoeLike usual, Ciel’s tall socks are held up with a simple sock garter. The socks are black and the garter is brown. His shoes have a medium heel and amusingly look a bit ‘pilgrim’ish. They’re brown with a tan heel and a silver buckle. See picture for details!

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