Black Butler – Ciel – Common Accessories

In every post with one of Ciel’s outfits, I’ll note which accessories he’s wearing with it & link back to this post. I’ll edit this post if I find more accessories that ought to be part of this post rather than part of an individual outfit.


Ciel’s earrings are always blue. They’re small round pearl-style studs.

The single exception that I have noticed is the demon!Ciel variant from season 2. The earrings are dark grey or possibly black.


This is the standard eyepatch that he wears with all of his Phantomhive outfits. It’s black and simple – your basic pirate eyepatch, with long strings that Sebastian ties in a bow in the back.

I am not going to discuss the actual contract seal. I’ve heard of people getting circle contact lenses (and occasionally even custom made ones with the seal on it) but I’ve also heard horror stories of how dangerous the larger circle lenses can be. Check forums like for more information on circle lenses.

gold caneCANE

While Ciel has no need for a cane, a proper English gentleman would often carry one for fashion and also for self-defense. While a prop cane is not likely to be able to cause harm, many real canes would have weights in the handles to be used as a club. The way Ciel carries the gold cane makes me think this one is not weighted, though.

The skull handle cane is much more likely to be weighted, or simply be made out of a heavy material. A cosplayer I know made the skull out of solid resin, which made it quite heavy. I wouldn’t recommend this unless you’re actually trying to be dangerous.

Here is a link to a tutorial from a Japanese cosplay magazine translated over on for the gold cane: [link] I understand that it’s a bit harder to read off a forum, but I have not gotten in contact with the translator yet to ask permission to host here. If I do, I’ll update the link.


Ciel has two rings that hkuroshitsuji ii black butler season 2e always wears. The Phantomhive ring is silver with a blue rectangular stone set on it. It’s too big for Ciel, being last worn by his father, so he wears it on his thumb. (I find this rather telling that he won’t get it resized.)


The other ring is the family crest, like the lapel pin that Sebastian wears.

This ring is sized properly to fit Ciel – either it was given to him by someone (before or after his parents’ deaths) or else he was willing to resize this one.

Demon!Ciel does not wear the rings. He abandons them on a table, giving up the Phantomhive name.

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