Black Butler – Ciel – Burgundy Tailcoat

CU front torsoThis is the outfit that Ciel wears throughout the entirety of Episode 2: His Butler, Strongest. I feel that this is the one that captures the idea of Ciel’s costumes.

Ciel is not an adult; he wears knickers and a loose child’s bow.  But he is not a child either. His clothes are dark; he wears the family jewelry; the cut of his coat is mature while still maintaining the childlike look.

The key colours in this outfit are burgundy and black. There’s a little brown (on his boots) and he wears a white shirt. But the look is overwhelmingly burgundy and black, assisted by anime!Ciel’s hair. (No, I’m not going to get into the anime vs. manga hair colour debate.)

back torsoFront Torso

Like most of Ciel’s outfits, our attention is drawn and kept by the coat. This one is a tailcoat. Judging by the general texture and the look of the front and back of the fabric, I think that if it isn’t made out of a cotton/wool suiting fabric, it might be a very short pile velour.

The lining of the upper portion of the coat is black. It extends out to the notched lapels (notice, by the way, how it’s not one piece all the way around – there’s a seam by each notch). It does not extend down to the tails.

The coat has a seam down the back, and one of those odd little straps that ought to have a name but I don’t know it. I believe it’s there to take the pressure off the point where the tails separate. It’s got two little silver buttons or brads to hold it down.

There are six buttons in two columns down the front, and two more decorative buttons by the lapels. The sleeves are fitted but not overly tight. The cuffs are intentionally and likely permanently folded up, as they’re very stiff. They’re black and are trimmed in a barely lighter burgundy.


The tails are halfway down his calves but not ankle length, and are both square.

With the tailcoat he wears basic black shorts. They’re probably made out of a thick cotton like a good pair of dress pants – notice the crease where they have been carefully ironed.

full length kneeling

Under the coat, he’s got a basic longsleeve white shirt on. The bowtie is a burgundy not as dark as the coat but not as light as the trim on the sleeves. You could tie it like a normal bow (like shoelaces) but I think this tutorial will make it stay better. Link!

As usual, he’s wearing his blue earrings, his eyepatch, his gold ring, and his family ring. See this post for details.

His boots are a very dark brown with black reinforcement over the toe and around the heel. They button up the outside. They have a tiny bit of a heel but not much. They’re rather practical.


full length carry








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