Kingdom Hearts – Cosplay Tutorial Roundup Part II (Weapons & Other Props)

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Hello~ Danica here to bring you Part II of our Kingdom Hearts Cosplay Tutorial Roundup! Here you’ll find links to many wonderful tutorials on awesome props for your KH cosplays. Take a look below for a list of tutorials from Keyblades, to Organization XIII’s varied arsenal of weapons, to edible sea salt ice cream even~! And don’t forget to check out Part I of the Kingdom Hearts Cosplay tutorial roundup to find tutorials for the outfits, shoes, and wig styling!

Edit (10/07/14): Kingdom Hearts Prop Tutorials Playlist. – If you prefer video tutorials we’ve compiled all the below video tutorials and more onto a playlist for easy watching. W’ll be adding to it whenever we find more video tutorials so do follow for more. ^^

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*We at Cosbreaks take absolutely no credit for the creation of these tutorials. Our only intention is to make make it easier for cosplayers to find these helpful resources by compiling them in one place. If you made any of these tutorials and would like it removed, or would like us to host your tutorial here on Cosbreaks, please just contact us.


I’ve organized the keyblade tutorials by the specific keyblade they focus on, but most all of these methods can be used to make other keyblades with few changes. So do take the time to look through them to see which is best for the quality and weight you’re wanting together with the time you have and what materials you’re able to get. ^^

Helpful Resources! As all the tutorials recommend having some good reference images to work with I thought I’d include these links to some to start with:

  • Keyblade Reference Images by finaformsora | A helpful gallery of large high quality images (with a link to an animated 360 view gif for each in the description) of quite a few different keyblades taken straight from the games.
  • The Keyhole’s List of Keyblades | Has an image for every Keyblade in the games, although image quality is not consistent (some are HQ while others rather small) it’s still quite helpful to have regardless.

Multiple Keyblades

  • Tutorial by Kerodohi (Foamboard and Sculpy method, tutorial creator notes that it does not provide the most sturdy prop and takes a bit of time though followup posts by others give suggestions on changes to make for better durability.)
  • Tutorial by Blight (Focuses on Kingdom Key & OathKeeper Keyblades. Images in post do not seem to work, but can be found here. Main materials are wood and PVC, estimated at around 10 hours to make the Kingdom Key and around 20 hours for the OathKeeper.)
  • Tutorial by vvmasterdrfan (Shows specifically The Two Across and the Oblivion Keyblades, but tutorial maker emphasizes that it can work for most keyblades and his gallery shows quite a few different ones that he’s made with the same method. Mainly made out of pine plywood, but you’ll be needing several power tools [and quite a bit of patience].)
  • Tutorial by Kimberlee Tan (Specifically for Oblivion and Oathkeeper keyblades. Mainly uses plywood, air dry modelling clay, and spray putty.)

Kingdom Key

  • Tutorial by VandorWolf (Main material is rigid insulation foam and wooden pole. Tutorial maker notes that it is sturdy enough to withstand a con, but you should be careful with it and not to try fighting with it.)
  • Tutorial by KunoichiCosplay (Video tutorial; partly uses VandorWolf’s tutorial but changed for use with materials they had.)
  • Tutorial by thefinalformsora (Video tutorial; but also has an image version of tutorial here if you’d prefer that. Made entirely of wood with some power tools and glue.)
  • Tutorial by Buster Cleaveland (Main materials are PVC pipe, plywood, bondo, with use of rotary tool.)
  • Tutorial by colt-kun (Weighs around 4lb and takes 8~10 hours of work, main materials are craft foam and a pvc pipe.)
  • Tutorial by featherweight (Uses mainly cardboard + 1ft of plastic chain, here is a picture of the final product [the link to it in the tutorial is not working])

OathKeeper Keyblade

  • Tutorial by finaformsora (Main materials are wood or posterboard + tools for cutting, carving, and sanding.)
  • Tutorial by athensis (Main materials are corrugated plastic board, air dry clay, wooden dowels/sticks/chopsticks. Makes for a light weight prop, but tutorial maker does not recommend swinging it around unless you strengthen the base more.)

Oblivion Keyblade

  • Tutorial by redshotronin (Main materials are: solid housing foam, soft sculpey, model magic, and resin [can be skipped, but you’ll need to reinforce your keyblade with posterboard/foamcore instead then]. Definitely take the time to red through the comments also as the tutorial maker has several additional bit of input there for finding materials, and better reinforcing it. Estimated at around $60 for materials.)

Riku’s Way to the Dawn Keyblade

  • Tutorial by Miyuki Kurame (Tutorial is in Spanish, but can be translated to English by hitting the UK flag on the right sidebar – main materials are cardboard and paper mache.)
  • Tutorial by panandora (Estimated to have taken 21 hours and $20 to make with a weight of around 1lb and a half. Does not use any power tools. Tutorial maker notes that it will be a bit fragile though. Main materials are PVC pipe, dowel rod, cardboard, craft foam, paper mache, and lots of hot glue.)
  • Tutorial by Axel Iroppoi (Advertised as the cheap way; made mainly with a large thin sheet of foam for around $10, adhesive caulking, yard stick/wooden dowel for reinforcement, and an exacto knife to hand cut it all.)

Kairi’s Destiny’s Embrace Keyblade

  • Tutorial by Tatl & Tael Cosplay (Nicely done tutorial that even has an accompanying video version. – Main materials are wooden dowel, pine or plywood board, plastic hosing, 5 wooden wheels, air dry clay, and a small piece of balsa wood.)
  • Tutorial by SerenityPhoenix (Lots of pictures and text, finished product looks really pretty. – Main materials: dowel rod, model magic, pinewood, and electric wire.)

Terra’s Earthshaker Keybalde

  • Tutorial by 23dAngel (Also here is the matching tutorial for the keychain part which I believe is technically part one of this tutorial as the ‘maskforming method’ taught in keychain part is referenced in main keyblade tutorial. – Main material is sintra board, craft foam, and clay/epoxy.)
  • Tutorial by DustyLion (A lighter weight more affordable alternative for Keyblade making mainly using a wooden or plastic pole, cardboard, and masking tape.)

Aqua’s Brightcrest Keyblade

  • Tutorial by fairie-tails (Lightweight keyblade made in around a week. – Main materials are: expanding foam, plastic pole, cardboard, electric tape, wallpaper paste, and a few other items.)

Organization XIII Weapons

Axel’s Chakrams

  • Tutorial by Dark-Wolf-Grayson (3 part tutorial [links to next parts are in description]. – Main materials are foam and liquid latex)
  • Tutorial by midnight-dance-angel (Follow-up parts to this tutorial never seemed to have been put up, but worth looking at for quick way to use things at home for easy pattern making.)
  • Tutorial by thearcticflame (Estimated at around 20+ hours to make both. Also has video version of tutorial here. – Materials used are cardboard, poster board, foam core, lots of newspaper, glue, paper mache, and electric tape.)

Saix’s Claymore

  • Tutorial by headraline (Tutorial could be a little clearer, only has illustrations to accompany text, and no actual photos but gives equation on how to figure out most accurate size for your own height and give exact colors to use. Tutorial maker’s completed claymore is noted to be around 10kg in weight. – Materials used are DAS [air dry clay, I believe?] and wood.)
  • Thread on (Not quite a proper tutorial, but there are text explanations on what to do to make it with various different materials in this thread. Worth the time to look through the two pages.)

Larxene’s Throwing Knives / Kunai

Zexion’s Lexicon Book

  • Tutorial by beautifuldreamer1289 (Links to other parts of tutorial are in description, but unfortunately it seems the fourth and final part of tutorial was not made, but there is lots of helpful info in the first 3 parts. – Main materials used are a book, black vinyl [can use other fabric or leather instead], paper clay, and craft foam.)
  • Thread on (Not quite a tutorial, but a 3 page thread full of details and helpful information on what others have done to make their own Lexicon.)
  • Tutorial by fatalcosplays (Main materials used are a sketchbook, foam board, and black construction paper.)

Demyx’s Sitar

  • Tutorial by K-Kipper (detailed 4 part tutorial – main materials used: thin sheets of wood, masking tape, cardboard, paper mache)
  • Tutorial by wingsofthefallen (has several tips and lists overall time to make as around 50 hours with around $100 worth of materials – main materials used: polystyrene sheathing boards, PVC pipe, aluminum shower rod, strong adhesive [like epoxy], paper mache)
  • Tutorial by titanesquecosplay (looks to be a quicker method, simple tutorial with six steps – main materials: foam board, wood glue, liquid base polyurethane)
  • Tutorial by D-holla-J (Amazingly detailed tutorial with lots of text and images; cost of material is estimated at $150 and was made in two months [working every weekday evening] – materials used: foam board, wood glue, vinyl spackling)
  • Tutorial by xclarabellex (Plushie Sitar!! Weight is around 5.6 lbs. and tutorial maker notes that it is very durable. – Materials are cardboard, foam, stuffing, fabric in several colors, thin plank of wood, and packing/duct tape.)

Xaldin’s Lance

  • Tutorial by MDA (Estimated to have taken around 2 weeks and $10~15 to make.  Tutorial maker notes that the finished result is very light. – Main materials needed are wood, doweling, news print or posterboard, finishing nails.)

Xigbar’s Arrowguns

  • Tutorial by rubydoobydoo (Text only tutorial, mainly uses cardboard. Here is what the finished product looks like.)
  • Tutorial by thegadgetfish (Is not quite a proper tutorial but progress shots and list of materials to make, though if you look down at comments author give quick 3 steps on what they did. Estimated at around 50+ hours / 3 days. Tutorial maker notes it was cheap to make, light to carry, and durable. – Main materials are a 2 pie tins, foamboard, tape, and PVC pipe.)

Vexen’s Shield

  • Tutorial by nami01 (Two part tutorial [link to part 2 is in description], made in several hours time. — Main materials used are cardboard, paper mache, and lots of tape.)
  • Tutorial by child-of-the-tardis (Main materials used are masking tape, paper mache, newspaper, cardboard.)

Marluxia’s Scythe

  • Tutorial by naturally-morbid (Text in image is a little hard to read so hit the download button on the right side to see full view for easier reading. Mainly made of plywood and dowel pegs.)
  • Tutorial by summoner-hachiko (Materials used are craft foam, plasticard, cardboard, PVC pipe,)


  • Tutorial by Tifax (Nice 2 part tutorial [link to part 2 is in it’s description], total of 10 steps. also available is a longer version of tutorial in Italian)
  • Tutorial by percylove (2 part tutorial [again link to part 2 is in description], mainly using polymer clay.)
  • Tutorial by mixiao (Main materials are polymer clay and some metal wire.)

Sea Salt Ice Cream

  • Tutorial by Anna (Real, edible, no drip popsicle! )
  • Tutorial by Kurada (Also real and edible! Not actually a proper ‘prop’ tutorial, but it is a proper recipe! Just figure out what’s needed to make them into ice cream bars~? Estimated to take around 3 hours and 45 minutes.)
  • Tutorial by penny6 (Quick and simple tutorial to make an actual un-edible prop version using clay.)
  • Tutorial by guillotine101 (While this is not actually meant as a KH cosplay prop, I chose to include it because it is a very simple tutorial on making a felt plushie popsicle that could easily altered a bit to be more like the iconic sea salt ice cream.)
  • (While ice cream is awesome, a ‘winner’ popsicle stick alone could work as a great prop for Roxas or Axel cosplayers for a heartbreaking reminder of the sea salt trio’s friendship especially if the weather is too hot so you don’t have to deal with melting ice cream dripping on your epic outfits.)

Paupu Fruit

  • Tutorial by makeshiftwings30 (Hand-sewn, felt plushie~!)
  • Tutorial by nanjokoji (I wouldn’t recommend this tutorial for long term prop use, but it a rather amusing take on a Paupu fruit prop. Made using the peel of a real pomelo fruit so it likely will not last long, but would certainly have a realistic look and feel to it.)
  • Tutorial by martanaokochan (Italian tutorial, looks to be a felt plushie also.)

Misc Props

Know of any other awesome Kingdom Hearts cosplay prop tutorials? Please do leave a link in the comments so that we can add it. Also if you find that any of the links have broken or are listed incorrectly please let me know through the comments as well. Thank you!