Kingdom Hearts – Cosplay Tutorial Roundup Part I (Outfits & Hair)

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While Cosbreaks typically would like to provide full individual breakdowns of outfits for cosplay, with Kingdom Hearts we instead compiled as many tutorials as possible – all the links in one place! (Although if anyone would like a full breakdown on any specific character of the series please just let us know!) Below is Part I of our Kingdom Hearts cosplay tutorial roundup featuring outfits, shoes, hair, and make-up. Part II featuring weapons and other props will be posted next week is now up and can be seen here. This post, and all our tutorial master posts will be updated continually as we find new tutorials.

If you prefer video tutorials, we also have a Kingdom Hearts Hair and Make-Up tutorials playlist on our YouTube with all the video tutorials in the list below along with any others KH cosplay tutorials we find on YT for hair/make-up.

(Last edited: 6/30/16 | Rearranged by character, edited for better reading, + added anchor links for quick jumping around.)

*We at Cosbreaks take absolutely no credit for the creation of these tutorials. Our only intention is to make make it easier for cosplayers to find these helpful resources by compiling them in one place. If you made any of these tutorials and would like it removed, or would like us to host your tutorial here on Cosbreaks, please just contact us.

Helpful Resources~!



  • Sora by nodoca | Several images of completed outfit from all sides and a short description of how each part was made.
  • Sora’s pants by undead-romance | Part two of this can be found here. Unfortunately following parts do not seem to have been uploaded.



Halloween Town




  • Kairi’s KHII Outfit Dress Tutorial & Hood & Top tutorials by danisaurz | A nice tutorial with several progress images and bits of information.
  • KHII Kairi tutorial by urika | More of a quick overview of ideas then a full tutorial, but worth looking at.
  • Kairi’s KHII Belt by Byn | Text tutorial on making Kairi’s belt, includes an image of final product. You may need to refresh a few times for image to load though.





  • Riku’s DDD shoes by littlemarin | Uses a base pair of high tops and shows you how to make the shoe cover/additions to make it into Riku’s Dream Drop Distance shoes.

Organization XIII

The Outfit


  • OrgXIII Boots by amorius | Tutorial uses a sharpie for siver parts, but the tutorial maker recommends using fabric paint instead. Uses a base pair of boots and adds to it with fabric.

Hair / Wig Styling




  • Terra’s Armor Tutorial by 23dAngel | Main material used is craft foam.
  • For hair styling, see tutorial in OrgXIII section for Axel’s hair as creator noted they used same method for Terra (or click here if you don’t feel like searching).



Characters who have only one tutorial and aren’t part of OrgXII. If I find 2+ tutorials for a character they’ll be moved to their own section.

Know of any other good Kingdom Hearts cosplay tutorials? Please leave a link in the comments and we’ll add it. Also if you find that any of the links have broken or are listed incorrectly please let me know through the comments as well. Thank you! We hope this tutorial roundup will be of help to your future cosplays~! Please do check back next week for Part II! View part two here!

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