Go to Bed in Janet Hodgson’s Red Nightgown from The Conjuring 2

Most cosplays for The Conjuring were of the haunted doll. There may be poltergeist nun cosplays for The Conjuring 2, but Janet’s red nightgown is rightfully seeing a lot of attention too. It is based on a gown worn by the actual Janet Hodgson in a series of photos supposedly showing her levitating.


Maybe you’ve got a cosplay pajama party coming up. Maybe you’re making a Janet Hodgson doll. Maybe you’re drawing fan art. Maybe you just want to to be afraid of the dark when you go to bed. There are many reasons to be interested in the finer details of Janet’s red nightgown.

Her hair is mid-toned brown with cool undertones, straight with an inward curve. It’s cut into a shoulder-length bob with long bangs that cover her eyebrows. For the most part the bangs aren’t parted, though sometimes they are swept to the right.


Although played by a 13-year-old, Janet is 11. Her deep brown eyes are reddened, puffy and sunken. The rest of her face – including her lips – is pale even without the blue lighting.

The ankle-length nightgown is bright red and made of a fuzzy material. Its hemline, which is likely a blind hem, is at least two inches above the bottom. Underneath she wears white skintight pants. Their material is smooth and they definitely have blind hems. She goes barefoot.


Thin lace with a rounded trapezoid pattern trims her high, round collar. On the left side the trim stops at the button line, but on the right it curves to follow the edge without breaking.

There are three round buttons about the size of her irises between her collar and mid-bust line. They are white plastic with four holes, sewn on with vertical stitches only. Her mid-bust line is trimmed front and back by separate sections of the same lace around her collar. They go under her arms to her side seams.


Janet’s 3/4 sleeves are also lace-trimmed. They’re gathered at the bottom, but are still very loose around the arms. The space between the hem (not a cuff) and the sleeve bottom is about the same thickness as the lace.


The Conjuring 2 is receiving even higher critical praise than its predecessor. Have you recently come aboard the franchise, or did you see the first movie? What do you think of Janet as simultaneously the creepy kid and the brave heroine?

The 70s aesthetic is more present in The Conjuring 2. This mixing of nostalgia and horror creates a more distinct feel and fashion for the franchise going forward. Do you have plans for Janet’s nightgown? If you use this breakdown, email me at eliza@cosbreaks.com to have your work featured on our site with full credit.

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