First Look Analysis: Maj. Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell

Our first look at the live-action Ghost in the Shell movie is a beautiful profile photo of Scarlett Johansson as Maj. Motoko Kusanagi – and there’s a hidden surprise.




Everything is deep green and blue, in loving contrast to Scarlet’s rosy skin and nigh-bubblegum lips. Her hair is navy blue, and it’s hard to tell if the gradient to lighter blue at the ends and the green tones in the top layer of her hair and are reflections from nearby light sources or not. The hairstyle is an undercut bob, with the hair in front of her ears lengthened to just above shoulder length. Long bangs brush her eyebrows, which have been colored to match her hair. So have her eyelashes.

ghostinshelldataportsThe only clothing we can see doesn’t betray her rank. It’s a nylon jacket colored a dusty evergreen. Its ribbed knit collar is a lighter and warmer green, like her eyes. And right above that collar at the base of her neck is the surprise. Can you spot it? Click the image for full resolution and zoom in.

In the anime, Motoko’s data ports are discreet lines on her skin and usually hidden by hair. The thin black ‘button’ we see protruding from Scarlett’s neck suggests the movie’s designer noticed the popularity of Motoko’s data ports among fans (some get tattoos) and decided to flaunt them. I applaud making them obvious; its boring to have a non-human/more-than-human character with nothing distinguishing in their design elements.

Ghost in the Shell began filming earlier this month and is slated for release exactly one year from now: April 14, 2017. We’ll bring you costume updates as soon as they come so you can cosplay Motoko Kusanagi as soon as you can! If make a cosplay using this post, email me at and we’ll feature you and link to your personal site.

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