Durarara!! – Orihara Izaya – Short Fur-edged Jacket

If you’re looking for Izaya’s manga-only long coat, go HERE.

The coat is a bit past waist-length with a hood. The body is black but the hood is trimmed in light-coloured fur. The fur isn’t white but instead is a very light tan or off-white.

manga collarThe details in the manga suggest that the jacket is made up of multiple pieces, so that if he were to zip it up, it would be fairly fitted. See the seams in the picture to the left.

There’s one major difference between the manga and the anime for this jacket. The manga shows a collar inside the hood. This is a common style on winter coats for colder climates, but this is a thinner jacket more like what I’ve seen in Kdrama.

Also, in the manga the wrists and bottom of the coat are not trimmed with fur. They’re quite plain. The anime, however, has them trimmed with the same fur as the hood. front full length torso

Under the jacket, he generally wears a tight v-neck black long sleeved shirt. (I’ve seen some art with the sleeves pushed up but it’s definitely a long-sleeve shirt, looking at the anime.)

His pants are ordinary black jeans, fairly tight, and held up with a belt with a gold-coloured buckle. And his shoes seem to be plain black shoes – nothing special, probably dress shoes of some nature.

In the anime for sure, he always wears two plain silver rings, one on each index finger. I don’t think it’s consistent throughout the manga, based on the above reference.

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