Durarara!! – Orihara Izaya – Long Fur-edged Coat

cu long torsoIf you’re looking for the short jacket featured in the anime, go HERE. This is a manga-only design.

This coat is past knee-length and is trimmed at the wrists, bottom, and hood with fur. The general assumption is that the colouring is the same as the short coat – off-white or light tan fur on a black coat. (To  be honest, the anime jacket is a combination of this long coat and the short jacket on the other page)

The shape of the coat seems to be straight to the waist, widening from the hips down for a very good flow when the wind catches it. It is probably made out of a fairly thin yet strong material (as coats go) based on how it billows, but the fur weights it down so it doesn’t fly up.

Unlike the other coat, the longcoat is double-breasted with  four buttons. Notice the shape of the front piece – it’s trimmed in a slim piping (click for a closer view) that’s the same colour as the coat. full length long

The buttons appear white or greyscale in the manga but I would guess they’re probably either a dull steel or bronze. I’d coordinate them with the tone of the fur colour.

The hood looks very wide and deep. Notice how the black fabric sort of bunches up around his neck and the fur (being stiffer/heavier) flies free a little.

I’m also assuming that he’s wearing the same outfit as he wears with the short jacket under the long coat, but obviously we never really see it as he buttons the long coat up all the time.

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