Death Parade – Nona

Name: Nona Series: Death Parade Variant: n/a
Gender: Female Hair: Mint Eyes: Purple Visual Age: Young Adult
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nona death parade pants blouse suspenders concept artClick on any picture for a larger view. Photo reference gallery at the end of the post!


Nona’s blouse is a basic white shirt with some fancy touches. Start with a woven cotton fabric, maybe a polycotton to reduce wrinkling. Alternatively you could alter a pre-existing shirt for this purpose. Just make sure the collar stands up enough (more like a boys shirt than a girls shirt).

The sleeves are halfway to the elbow and end in elastic in a casing, causing ruffles. There are darts but it doesn’t overemphasize her shape, just accents it. The collar stands up with enough room to have the large bow.

The buttons are also white – probably basic shirt buttons – and are spaced evenly down the front. I’d personally space them about 3″ apart, however many you need for your size.

BELT (CORSET)nona death parade pants blouse suspenders

I consulted with a friend of mine who wears corsets. She determined that this piece does not fit the profile or the style of a real corset. As such, we decided to call it a wide belt. It isn’t attached to the pants and instead is tucked into them. If you choose, you could velcro or otherwise attach the two pieces together – otherwise making it long enough so that it won’t pop out when you  bend over should be sufficient.

There is a little inconsistency throughout the show and in the concept art as to the height of the belt. The concept art shows it as a lot shorter than usually in the show. In the show, you can see from the back that typically it’s about halfway down from her armpits. (It looks like a straight line across too so it should be the same height in front.) Do what feels best for your height.

The belt is slightly lighter brown than the body of the pants (matches the fabric of the waistband). See below for discussion of the waistband. The belt tucks under the waistband of the pants.

It’s constructed of four pieces (there are side seams). I would use a zipper at the back, having the horizontal pieces only for accent. They could be interpreted as something metallic but are more likely to be leather lacing or strapping. There are three on the front and two in the back, evenly spaced from the top, bottom, and each other.

nona death parade pants blouse suspendersPANTS

Again the concept art is a little inconsistent. Much of the animation shows the length to be a little bit shorter than the concept. The animation varies on whether there are belt loops or not. The concept art just shows buttons on both sides of the front center. Go with what feels right.

The pants appear to be two tones of brown. The waistband is the same color as the wide belt; the rest of the pants are darker. They’re about capri length, mimicking the idea of harem pants (but not quite as loose) with a tight band around mid-calf.

The shaping at the waist is achieved by darts. There is one on each side of the back (plus the seam at the center back) and one on each side of the front (plus the fly – invisible center zipper).


There is a slight heel – probably less than 2″, possibly as little as 1″. The soles are brown and the tops are a rosy tan. If a similar pair cannot be found, I’d suggest hacking up a pair of thrift store sandals and sewing on new straps (leather, pleather, or vinyl) to match. Check the gallery for references.

nona death parade concept art wig braid hair suspenders bowACCESSORIES

Nona’s neck bow is red. Not technically a bowtie, I suppose. It’s pretty wide, probably 2″. The ends of the ties are cut in an inwards v.

The center of the bow has an applique or pin on it. (I’m leaning towards a pin that completely covers the center of the bow based on the concept art, but the animation looks a bit different.) It looks a bit like a coat of arms – shield shaped, with four colored squares alternating gold and black, possibly edged in a matching red. I don’t know whether it has any significance at this time. (EDIT: Death Parade ended, and I still don’t know about that symbol, haha. But here’s a 3D printed brooch from Dimensionality on Etsy which looks stellar! She also sells this set that includes the bow itself, earrings, and bracelets.)

Her suspenders (or braces) are y-shaped in back both at the bottom and the top. The hardware on them is gold. They are NOT actually holding her pants up – they’re hooked to the top of the wide belt and are for decor only. They’re loose enough that she can stick her arms behind them.

She’s got big brass-colored oval drop earrings. If you aren’t used to wearing danglies, don’t hurt your ears. Make some fake ones out of foam or cardboard instead of metal. Clip-on is a good option as well.

Not shown in the concept art, she also has identical bracelets on each wrist. They’re basic, gold-colored circle bracelets with no decoration. I didn’t see a visible gap so they might be the kind that hinge out to allow your hand to fit through.

nona death parade arbiter braid wig bow tieWIG/HAIR

A good starting point for this wig could be Frozen Elsa-style wig tutorials. Loose, thick braid tutorials could be useful. Definitely go for a lace-front – it’s worth learning how to make the hairline look natural!

Details for Nona’s wig:

  • The braid comes off a ponytail fairly high up.
  • There’s a second braid coming around the bottom of her head. It starts above the ear on either side; it might join the larger braid in the center.
  • The braid should fall about to the shoulder blades. Some sort of firm bendable core might be put in the braid so that it will always be over the left shoulder.
  • It’s fastened by a yellow hair elastic with two blue balls. (The kind popular in the mid to late 90’s)


Got a makeup tutorial for Nona? Comment and I’ll link it here.



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  • August 16, 2015 at 6:37 am

    Hi! this is an amazing post! I just got a question, do you know where to get a wig that matches Nona’s hair? I tried looking on Arda Wigs but I couldnt find any wig (with lace front) that matches that baby blue/white color :'(.

  • September 3, 2015 at 11:10 pm

    The badge/ pin on the scarf is the symbol for the arbiters. It has just been simplified with only the use of the colours and not the small details.

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