Concrete Revolutio – Jiro Hitoyoshi – Present Version

Name: Jiro Hitoyoshi Series: Concrete Revolutio Variant: present day version
Gender: male Hair: bubblegum pink Eyes: brown Visual Age: adult
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cropped concept art jiro hitoyoshiSUIT JACKET

Jiro’s suit jacket is black on the outside but with a plaid lining that matches the cuffs. See the poster for proof of the plaid. The shape of the jacket is well fitted to his torso, especially at the waist and over the hips. It’s a slimming line.

The lapels are fairly short, giving a small neckline. There are three gold buttons down the center front, ending in curved suit fronts.

The back has a center seam and fisheye darts. There is a slit for movement from the center back up to about the waist.

There is a single flap pocket on his left side under the dart. But on the right side, there are two flap pockets running through the dart. It’s possible the top pocket is false. It’s also completely possible that all pockets are false. Suitcoats aren’t always practical. But it would be useful for cons to have at least one usable pocket.

Over his left breast, there is a slot pocket with a pocket square (handkerchief) showing. This could be a real handkerchief or a false pocket/square. (First half of season: he’s never used the handkerchief)

Above the pocket there are two identical round gold pins. So far there is no insignia on them.

Plaid Compare jiro hitoyoshi concrete revolutioThe sleeve cuffs fold up to show the same red plaid as the inside lining. They’re likely tacked in place so they stay up.

I’ve been on a hunt for an exact fabric match for the plaid, but have had no luck yet. (Comment if you find some!) In lieu of an exact match, you can always paint it with a tutorial like this. The plaid print is slightly different between the animation, promotional art, and manga adaptation. Click for a full view of the graphic!


His pants are well tailored and well-kept. They are creased or pressed in the center.

The bottom cuffs are turned up in the same manner as the sleeve cuffs, with plaid fabric. They sit over the top of the shoe, so right at the natural ankle length.


The shoes are in the style of loafers. The basic shoe is black, with white or most likely silver panels ‘riveted’ over the tongue and either side of the shoe. I would probably alter an existing pair of shoes by adding worbla or something else, but it risks the flexibility of the tongue (for getting your foot on and off) so it will take some experimentation. But I definitely get a metallic vibe from the panels.


His scarf is tied in the ascot style. It may be knit/crocheted out of a thin yarn – doesn’t look too bulky – but also could be cloth. If you choose cloth, you may silk-screen or paint the stripes if you don’t have the right fabric. The base is purple and there are three green stripes that run the length of the scarf.

As of the season midpoint, I’m still not sure what all is going on with the arm wraps/blue armband on Jiro’s left (our right) side. Its purpose and reasoning would shed a lot of light on the material used,  but until we learn more we can make some basic assumptions.

The blue armband has white edging – bias tape or piping – around the upper and lower edge. Unclear whether this is attached to the arm wrapping over the jacket sleeve yet.

The bandages or wrappings (maybe it’s some kind of seal?) are in two x-shapes – wide and thin. The wide wrappings have some dimension to them so they possibly have piping along the edges or just a very tight hem to make it pop. I love the idea of piping.

Over the cuff is a gold watch with a brown (leather) band. The hand below the cuff is completely wrapped in a thinner bandage. Don’t use sports wraps. It’s tight, chafing, and honestly a pain.



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