Charlotte – Yuu Otosaka

Name: Yuu Otosaka Series: Charlotte Variant: School Uniform
Gender: Male Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown  Visual Age: Teens
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Photo reference gallery at the bottom of the cosplay breakdown! 

(if you’ve just come from one of the other Charlotte school uniform posts, yes, this is essentially the same! I have made them into separate posts so that I can highlight the differences!)

official concept promotional art animation modelJACKET

The construction of the jacket is fairly simple. The body should be made of four pieces – two fronts and two backs joined down the middle.

The collar stands up in the mandarin style. The white edge is part of the collar, like perhaps an inner collar? Initially I just thought it was the shirt collar inside of it, but it’s actually together. See collar reference in gallery.

For front buttons, there are five silver ones. Generally the top button will always be unbuttoned. There are two silver buttons on either sleeve cuff. The cuff should be a little bit shorter than the shirt sleeve so the white shirt shows under the jacket slightly.

There is thin white (or maybe silver?) piping/edging down the front of the button placket. Very slim, just an accent piece.

On each side near the waist there is a flap pocket with a silver button. In addition, there is a slot pocket over the left side of the chest. Should be fairly high up as it looks higher than the sleevehole.

The total length is slightly past the waist – not long enough to restrict movement (i.e. running) but fairly long as noted by the proportion between pants and jacket.


His shirt is a basic white collared button-d0wn shirt with long sleeves. Very straight forward and available from pretty much any store that sells mens’ clothes. The top button is unbuttoned. But the shirt itself is tucked into the pants.

Under that he wears a crew neck tshirt. The concept art shows it in a dark blue or cadet blue.


The pants are plain black slacks, neatly ironed into front and back creases.


Can’t see his socks; they will be either black or white. Like all the other students, he wears brown loafers. They must be a school requirement.


If you choose to use Arda, I personally like their mahogany, dark brown, or Spanish brown Classic colorways. I’d use a versatile basic wig like Magnum and do either a simple style or a cut & style. You might get away with a Derek instead; I’m not really a wig expert to be honest. Magnum just looks fluffier which would make me happy.

For the new Arda Silky line, perhaps mocha or umber? At the time of this writing, Silky only comes in medium to long wig style lengths so it would require heavy cutting and styling.

Cosplay Reference Image Gallery

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