Charlotte – Nao Tomori

Name: Nao Tomori Series: Charlotte Variant: School Uniform
Gender: Female Hair: Silver/White Eyes: Blue Visual Age: Teens
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Complete cosplay breakdown! Nao Tomori, the white haired camera girl, from Charlotte (summer 2015).

Photo reference gallery at the bottom of the post! 

official concept promotional art animation modelTOP

I am pretty sure this is one single piece, not a blouse under a jacket. The bow should be sewn in under the collar as well. The buttons are fake as the entire thing pops over her head. If you have trouble with this, attach the modesty panel to snaps or velcro on one side so you can unhook it to allow your head to pass through.

The basic construction of the blouse should be like this: two back pieces, two front pieces, a collar, a modesty panel, the front placket, two mini side plackets, the bow, the notch piece on either side, and appropriate linings, pipings, edgings, pockets, etc.

The bodice should be well-fitted to your shape along the sides. There are no visible darts, but if you need to add them do so freely.

There are three brown buttons down the center of the button placket. Again, this is decoration-only.  The placket is edged in brown, possibly piping.

Don’t forget the brown-trimmed welt pocket – it might be fake, but it’s on the right side (audience right, your left).

The front bottom edge has two points on either side of the placket; the back bottom edge angles out into a straight edge across the back (looks more like a trapezoid). There is a white stripe around the entire bottom edge about an inch from the hem. You could use piping instead of bias tape for a little pop, as long as you  make it match the sleeves.

Interestingly, there’s a little notch at each side seam where there is a brown inset or placket that goes nearly up the point of the natural waist. There are two red dots on it – maybe buttons or rivets of some nature? Hard to get a clear shot of it.

I would definitely sew the bow into the collar seam underneath and then tack it down front and center, rather than allow it to slip around. It’s yellow, probably of a soft cotton with a silky sheen. It should cover the bust area and dangle down to the natural waist.

charlotte - nao tomori fuku embroidered detailA tutorial like THIS one will help you create the sailor collar, modesty panel, and attach the bow under it. There is a brown stripe near the edge of the white collar. There is also some embroidered detail in gold on the modesty panel, which is gently pointed upwards.

The sleeves fall off the natural shoulder and come down to the wrist. They’re fitting while still being plenty loose for motion. At the bottom edge there is a white stripe followed by a red stripe and a brown stripe at the hem. There are two brown buttons on either cuff.


The skirt is brown with a small white stripe near the bottom hem. There are knife pleats all around with a single box pleat in the front center.

As always skirt length is up to the cosplayer – go with whatever makes you comfortable. I would do this slightly above the knee.

There is a white petticoat or lining underneath that falls slightly shorter than the length of the skirt. There’s no detail available for the bottom edge.


The boots are brown with brown straps over the tongue in front. The backs seem to have some kind of lacing or other decoration. They are just above the ankle. There is no heel.

Her socks are black and fall just below the knee. If you can’t find them locally, Sockdreams carries several kneehighs in solid black: option 1, option 2, option 3.


charlotte - nao tomori back camera case detailThere are some good images of the handheld camcorder in the gallery. Don’t feel obligated to build a prop – an cheap old broken camcorder from a thrift store, ebay, or garage sale will work just as well!

The camera case sits on Nao’s belt which is usually not visible, but on some angles you can see that it matches the camera case and slings over her hips. There’s probably a buckle on the opposite side.

The case itself has a rounded lunchbox-style top. It’s probably canvas, leather, pleather, etc – and note the detailing on the outside. The zipper looks silver or maybe gold.


This is nearly exactly the same hairstyle as Kanade Tachibana (Angel/Tenshi) from Angel Beats. (Personally, I think Nao is the reincarnation of Kanade since it’s the same creative team) The only difference is the pigtails. You could theoretically use the same wig if you are a Kanade cosplayer.

The concept art show Nao with only one ponytail, pulled back a bit to the side. However, in the actual show and more recent promo art, she has two pigtails instead. The hair elastics are a reddish-brown, matching the skirt.

For Arda Wigs, I would use a Nina or Ferrari in either silver or light grey. I prefer the Nina for the length and only slightly wavy style as it would double better for Kanade. I’m not sure  if you’ll need additional pony tail clips or if there is enough hair that you can style it into the pigtails. More hair generally always helps a look.

Did this reference guide miss something? Any advice for other Nao cosplayers? Comment or email to let us know!

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