Cardcaptor Sakura – Sakura Kinomoto – Coral Dress (OP1)

Name: Sakura Kinomoto Series: Cardcaptor Sakura Variant: Coral Dress
Gender: Female Hair: Brown Eyes: Green Visual Age: Pre-Adolescent
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front fullThis is the dress that appears in the first OP for CCS as well as the front cover of the manga. The wings are optional, but super-cute. Scroll to the bottom for the full gallery!

Note: Some cosplayers choose to interpret this dress as an A-line lolita dress. (I think this is okay, personally!) Aside from that, when researching this costume, I found THIS great photo progress post for a less lolita interpretation of the dress. Check it out!

Sakura’s dress is a jumper. Valid colors range from coral to pink, depending on the tone of red used for the bow. (Notably, it’s definitely not as light pink as the wand, so keep this in mind.) It comes above the knee and slightly above the petticoats. The neckline has plenty of room for the bow and comes down pretty far, but does not ride below the bust. In the back the neckline is much higher. Near the bottom of the skirt there is a pale yellow stripe, about 2″ wide.

There are two layers of visible petticoats below the bottom edge of the dress. In one of the images in the gallery, three layers are shown, but I’m not sure why as in all my other screencaps there are only two. It could be the top layer curling up. A third layer would be valid if needed. The layers have lacy edges. The shape in the OP is more horizontal and less a-line and shorter than an actual lolita dress, but it still appears fairly soft and flowy. Go with whatever balance between shape and feel you find is best. Don’t forget to wear bloomers under the pettis please!


The white blouse has a lacy scalloped edge around the short puffed sleeves. There is elastic a couple inches up from the bottom edges to form the puff. On this line on either side is a small wide white bow with tails. The neck of the blouse stands up a little (perhaps also some loose elastic) and is also scalloped & lacy. There is no visible button or zipper in back or front – feel free to add one if necessary to fit your head through.

The bow is pinned on the front of the blouse. It’s very large and red with tails. It is ABOVE the bust – not on the bust.

The matching white gloves are fitted with a ruffle cuff; edged like the sleeves and neck. On the back of the hand at the wrist there is a small red bow with tails made of a wide ribbon or fabric strip. Tutorials like this or this are a good start for any of the bows in this cosplay.

Her stockings go above the knee and look like they have a bit of elastic at the top to make the top ruffle. Again, the edge of the ruffle is lacy scalloped.

The shoes are plain red flats, most likely of a leather or pleather, with a red bow across the top strap. They don’t have a heel or platform height at all.

Sakura’s hat is made of the same color material as her dress. It sits behind her bangs. While no pins are shown, you should be able to pin it to your wig fairly invisibly so it sticks on. It is circular and gathers into the center, where there is a large bow out of the same material. The shape of the hat appears fairly poofy, which is why I am not sure that it actually is the same material as the dress – could be a matching, more flexible material.

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