Blood Blockade Battlefront – Zapp Renfro

Name: Zapp Renfro Series: Blood Blockade Battlefront (Kekkai Sensen) Cosplay Variant: anime
Gender: Male Hair: White Eyes: Steel Grey Visual Age: Adult
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zapp renfro zipper cuff coat closeupThis is Zapp’s standard outfit, including his motorscooter helmet, lighter, and goggles. No references used from manga.

Photo reference gallery at the bottom of the post! 

*color note*

While I reference the primary color as white (within the color shading of the show, it’s basically coded to be read as white) I think that a very light grey is a better color to use for this outfit. It looks more realistic and also doesn’t pick up dirt near as bad.


I know there is a name for this kind of jacket and I literally cannot think of it or find it on google. It’s like a motorcycle jacket, but not. If anyone knows, please comment!

I think it’s made out of white leather/pleather based on how the fabric moves but I could be wrong. (Denim would be too stiff)

The construction is pretty interesting. It looks like there’s a big pleat over the shoulder to allow for extra arm movement. This makes sense with how tight the sleeves are. At the cuff there is a zipper dart which he leaves open as it would make the sleeve even tighter.

zapp renfro collar coat button closeupThe length is only a bit below the ribcage. The bottom edge is tighter than the body of the jacket. It could be just a tighter band of the same fabric or it could be a band of ribbing. It isn’t shown but I would guess the jacket is made to zip up based on the style.

The collar stands up around his neck – see reference right. There’s a strap across so that it could be snapped shut. The strap is held to the collar with three silver rivets. The snap itself is a round skull face. Matches the belt design.

The back of the jacket (see concept art) is yoked across the top. The body puffs out a bit before the waistband. Lots of ease there.


The black turtleneck shirt is long enough to tuck in without popping out. It’s unclear how long the sleeves are. You can’t see them at the ends of the coat sleeves, but you also can’t see where they stop. I’d put it at short sleeves or possibly sleeveless.

zapp renfro coat beltPANTS

See Accessories for the belt and buckle. The pants are just white skinny jeans, natural waist. They do have back pockets with flaps.


Because his pants are decently long you can’t see the top edge of his boots. They’re at least above the ankle. The body of the shoe is smooth, white, probably leather or pleather. Zapp just seems like that kind of guy.


Zapp’s belt is black with silver pointed tip, buckle, and loop. The design on the buckle looks like an oval skull face to match the snap on his collar.

Check the gallery for images of the lighter. I would use two prop lighters for photoshoots: a real one that opens and a fake one that doesn’t open but is detail-accurate.

Fake cigar/cigarette optional; the concept art shows a cigar that can be replicated with rolled paper or other common techniques.

zapp helmetHis motorcycle/scooter helmet looks closer to a bike helmet. It has y-straps over each ear. The body of the helmet is white with a wide stripe of red-orange over the middle third. The bottom edge is metallic. Probably edged in a metal strip. There are two outward bumps in the front; I believe they are spaced evenly around the edge. (Total of 4-6)

It’s harder to find a detailed reference for the goggles. They seem pretty standard and only come out when Zapp is on the bike.


The color should be white or at most a light grey. His skin tone is darker than Leonardo’s so the contrast between skin and hair colors is pretty striking.

Check the gallery for style references. I would suggest looking at wigs meant for Dante from Devil May Cry. For an unstyled wig, Arda’s Derek wig would be a great base.

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