Blood Blockade Battlefront – Leonardo Watch

Name: Leonardo (Leo) Watch Series: Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront) Variant: n/a
Gender: male Hair: brown Eyes: n/a, blue Visual Age: Teens
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Complete reference gallery at the bottom of the post!

Kekkai Sensen - Leonardo Leo Watch - concept art sideSweater/sweatshirt

Leo’s sweatshirt is constructed with raglan sleeves and a large collar that is somewhere between a cowl neck and a turtle neck style. The collar and the sleeves are navy; the body of the sweater is white. Note how the sleeves and the collar meet at the neck, ensuring the entire collar is navy. Likewise, the back shoulders are navy. The shirt is probably made in six to eight pieces depending on how many pieces it takes for the collar.

The length of the body is definitely to the hips. It’s hard to see but there is a short slit on either side for movement. Note how he puts his hands in his pockets through the shirt.Kekkai Sensen - Leonardo Leo Watch - full back length

Overall, the sweater feels fairly loose. Underneath the sweater, occasionally a yellow tshirt or undershirt is visible tucked into the band of the pants.

Possible raglan sweatshirt patterns: Simplicity 1605 (add collar), Kwik Sew 4017 (alter to be over the head instead of zipper), Kwik Sew 3045 (change hood to collar), McCall’s 6251 (use sweater, add collar)


His pants are plain navy blue. They’re so loose that I almost would peg them for sweatpants. (Maybe make both the top and the pants out of the same sweatshirt-type material?) They may be loosely gathered at the ankle with elastic; it’s too hard to tell. Many sweatpants are elastic-ankle though.

Alternatively, they could be read as loose jeans. As you can’t see the waist, it is valid to assume either. These are the jeans I use for cosplays like this. Personally I’d go for sweatpants, though.

Either way, the pants definitely have two side pockets that he puts his hands in frequently.


See reference photo for details on his sneakers. They’re blue with white and yellow accents. Pretty basic, probably running or walking shoes of some nature? Well worn most likely. This cosplayer (here and here) painted their shoes with floral paint. Looks great!


Kekkai Sensen - Leonardo Leo Watch - goggles sideAccessories

NOTE FOR POSING: Leo always squints unless he’s wearing the goggles and opens the “All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods.” (Here’s an interesting thread on a possible light-up option)

The goggles have tinted orange glass, probably intended as sunglasses. The frames are silver with black rubber underneath and the strap is brown. Could be a leather/faux leather strap or something as simple as elastic in a casing. The nose-piece is made of the same material as the strap.


From Arda, I would try either Hansel or Benny in Spanish Brown as a styling base. His hair is pretty wavy.

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