Black Butler – Shinigami Dispatch Society – Alan Humphries

Concept art by Yana Toboso for Alan Humphries from Musical Kuroshitsuji: The Most Beautiful Death in the WorldAlan Humphries is a musical-only character from Kuroshitsuji: The Most Beautiful DEATH in the World. Due to being unable to find high quality images from the musical, aside from promo images and Yana Toboso’s sketches, my references are rather blurry. There were two runs of the musical but the costumes were identical as far as I can see (possibly the same costume tailored for different actors)

Promotional image from a magazine of Alan Humphries from Kuromyu 2Like the other shinigami, the base of his outfit is a black fitted suit jacket with two back vents and side pockets, a pair of black slacks, and dress shoes. If you want more details on the jacket, check out Eric’s breakdown here. They are essentially identical, likely for the costumers’ ease as well as identifying the shinigami as part of a cohesive unit during the musical. (Also helps Grell stand out to be the only one who is different)

The spread of the shirt collar is not as wide as Eric’s. He also keeps it buttoned up properly. The collar looks fairly stiff & starched.

The concept art shows his black smooth leather bolo tie (aka shoestring necktie) to have a solid silver skull-shaped slide. However, in the actual musical the shape is a large clear crystal. The tips of the tie are simply knotted.

His slacks are plain black and neatly pressed. His shoes as far as I can tell are simple black dress shoes (possibly brogues but nothing really eye-catching, unlike Ronald’s white brogues).

His glasses have an invisible rim all the way around and silver frames.

I’m really not sure what his scythe is supposed to be shaped like. It seems to me like a meat cleaver on a stick, but I sure could be wrong. Like the other registered scythes, it says Death Scythe on the top of the blade.

Check out the gallery below for additional images!

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