Black Butler – Ciel Phantomhive – Demon/Last Dance

Name: Ciel Phantomhive Series: Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Variant: Demon!Ciel (Last Dance) – season 2 episode 12
Gender: Male Hair: Black/grey Eyes: Red (Blue when human) Visual Age: 13
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Complete cosplay reference guide & breakdown for demon!Ciel from his last dance with Lizzie.

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kuroshitsuji ii black butler season 2COAT

The primary reference is the concept art to the right. I believe it was packaged with the Kuroshitsuji II DVDs.

The fabric of the coat would have been a black wool or wool blend medium weight suiting.  There is a grey lining, probably of a lighter weight silk. My historical research suggests that colored flannel would also be acceptable, but the look of silk is a little bit better for Ciel’s station.

The construction is very fitted, especially through the sleeves and the chest. The buttons don’t look made to be buttoned up; it’s meant to hang free but stick close to the body just because of how fitted the chest is.

The torso portion of the coat is built in three pieces: two fronts and one back. There are four seams visible that do not go up the entire back/front; these are darts for shaping. Adjust for your shape as needed.

The lapels should match the lapels on the vest underneath. They’re made of one back piece and two front pieces, self-faced with the black fabric the rest of the coat is made from. There are three silver buttons below the lapels.

There are four silver buttons on each cuff. The sleeve is a little above the wrist so the cuff of the shirt shows slightly. The shoulder/upper sleeve is definitely tight by the bunching visible at the top, but it widens a bit by the cuff – not much.

The skirt is made in two pieces, right and left, creating short tails. There is one box pleat in each tail. There is one flap pocket on each side, with a silver button.

There is a large bow made of matching fabric in the center back. The ends of the bow are cut to an angle and fall several inches above the hem of the coat.

kuroshitsuji ii black butler season 2VEST (WAISTCOAT)

My historical research suggests that the waistcoat would be made of silk, either solid or lightly patterned.  It is solid dark grey. The facing of the collar looks darker, probably actual black. It may be a different fabric than the body of the vest. Historically, it might be lightly embroidered, quilted, or otherwise patterned.

The waistcoat is single breasted, with a shawl collar. There are darts up both fronts, and a seam under the arm. It fits him well. The collar dips down to about the center of the torso, definitely below the armhole.

There is no good view of the back of the waistcoat, but I am going to wager that the back is low with a halter collar style. (Much like a bartender’s vest?) It feels right this way, but I could be wrong.

This waistcoat appears fairly close, but the collar ought to fall lower perhaps a bit less sharply shaped.  It is a good starting point for visual reference with a real piece of clothing, however.

This is a more modern take on the idea; the shape is a little closer to Ciel’s, though he has no pockets.

Waistcoats made for men will look a little different from Ciel’s because he is a prepubescent boy. His form is closer to a girl’s, so his waistcoat has more shaping up the sides and with the darts in front.

There are four black buttons down the front. The bottom hem falls a little below the waist. There is a small (90 degree?) point in the center of each side.

There are no visuals of the back of the vest, but some of my research said that vests like this might have a buckle in the back center waist.

kuroshitsuji ii black butler season 2SHIRT

Historically, the tucks, pleats, or plaits would typically be only across the part of the shirt expected to show through the vest. See this page for some great examples! Again, it would probably be silk at his level of wealth.

There are no visible buttons, so the shirt probably pulls over, unless it is a bib style with a separate shirt under the pleats/collar. (See link above for historical reference.) I did not see anything about this style of collar in my limited research, but if anyone has historical information, feel free to comment.

It’s hard for me to tell whether these are full pleats or just pintucks. Either way, the gaps between the pleats vary. Check out the various references in the gallery for spacing. There is one center wide space, and several smaller spaces on either side of it.

The sleeves are right at the shoulder. The shirt is well-fitted. The cuffs come a little bit farther than the cuffs of the coat.

The collar is pleated as well. Historically the collars might have been a separate unit, but this is not shown in the anime. It could simply be part of the pleated bib, and be the logical conclusion of the pleats at the top. The pleats are not sewn down but allowed to flow around his neck.

kuroshitsuji ii black butler season 2SHORTS

Ciel’s shorts are pretty typical for him. It’s probably a matching fabric to the coat – wool or wool blend suiting.

They are neatly pressed up the side, and probably have a basic waistband and fly (not able to see it in the references). They fall a bit above the knee.


Ciel’s boots are black and grey. I would find a boot with a similar heel, as the heel is very striking, and create a boot cover of suede and/or leather from that. It feels much like a womens’ boot from the Victorian era, with the buttons up the side.

There are 10 black buttons on each boot. The toe and heel are black and the rest of the boot is a dark grey. It comes up nearly to the knee, but shows sock and garter at the top.

His socks are black, as are his garters. The hardware on the garters is silver. Sockdreams carries the garters in both real leather and faux leather.

kuroshitsuji ii black butler season 2ACCESSORIES

Ciel leaves behind his usual rings. His earrings are dark grey as well. Completely different from normal Ciel.

His nails (fingers and toes) are painted black.

The eyepatch is the same as noted in the Common Accessories page.

When dancing with Lizzie, Ciel wears proper white gloves, basically like Sebastian’s.

The bow is probably satin, not grosgrain; possibly even silk. It’s black and tied in a basic bow, dangling down to the bottom of the coat collar.


The color should be steely grey according to the reference images. If you prefer Arda Wigs, I would recommend Ash Black according to this color chart.

Did this reference guide miss something? Any advice or tutorial recommendations for other demon!Ciel cosplayers? Comment below to add your input!

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