Black Butler – Book of Circus – Ciel Phantomhive – Blue and Black Morning Coat

Black Butler Ciel blue morning coat full lengthThis is the very first outfit Ciel has in the new Book of Circus arc in Black Butler. The first episode is a filler episode that does not have an equivalent in the manga. Therefore I am not using any manga references as I am unsure if this outfit appeared in the manga at any point.

TBlack Butler Ciel blue morning coat backhe morning coat that Ciel wears is medium blue trimmed in black. The main body of the coat is blue and the bottom portion of the lapels are blue; the cuffs and top portion of the lapel are black. The construction of the coat seems to be: two fronts, two sides, and two backs. The sides angle up under the arm (there’s probably a gusset for movement). The side pockets are trimmed in black as well. In some frames it shows a breast pocket

The back has two vents on either side plus possibly another vent or pleat in the center. I only could find one shot that showed the back of this particular coat. Unless it shows up in another episode later or I can find a manga equivalent, I’m unable to tell if they are just pleats or if they are actual slits/vents. At any rate they continue nearly to the waist. While I can’t see the center back for sure, Ciel’s other jackets usually have a small strap in the center back to keep seams and vents from tearing.

Black Butler Ciel bow tie and vestThere are four buttons down the front below the lapel. They show up as white in some frames so I would guess something silver or steel. There are three smaller gold or bronze buttons on each cuff.

Ciel’s vest is a pale dull green – I had a ball of yarn labelled “cilantro” that was this color – on the front but at the shoulder seam it changes to black. While we never see the full back, I’m assuming that it is completely black. There are four buttons. It’s a fairly high-necked vest; the v comes down to a little above the bottom of the sleeve.

The shirt is probably the same shirt he uses for his nightshirt – a plain button-up white shirt. The collar is starched up instead of folded over.

The bow is royal blue and carefully tied around the neck. If you need to, feel free to stick it down with a bit of double-sided tape, pre-tie it, or both.

These shorts are black and a bit above the knee, like most of Ciel’s shorts. They have a neat crease down the center front. They have no shaping and go straight down.

The shoes actually look identical to his shoes from the funeral outfit. They’re brown leather with a gold buckle.

His socks are black and held up with simple black garters with golden clasps.

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