Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Kaname Madoka – Magical Girl

Name: Kaname Madoka Series: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Variant: magical girl (potential future)
Gender: Female Hair: dusty pink Eyes: Brown Visual Age: 14
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Official concept art pmmm madoka kaname magical girlDRESS – BODICE

As it’s such a complex piece with not a lot of real construction details, there are multiple right ways to put this outfit together. I’m operating off the assumption that the dress is one piece. There is no separate blouse. The neck ribbon is not part of the dress – see Accessories below.

The front of the collar is a square sweetheart neckline, but not too deep. It should not show any cleavage (if you have any to show – Madoka doesn’t). Binding is an option for larger-chested girls who want to come off as early adolescent, but it’s not a requirement. The smooth lines of the bodice will visually reduce bust size a little, as the bodice is probably lightly boned.

Though the top ruffle looks seamless, there’s clearly a button/snap placket. This would make the construction like this: two pale yellow fronts and the pink back/sides. There are no seams in the pink section, but it could be interpreted as two to three pieces if needed for appropriate shaping.

The button placket is white, attached to either side of the yellow front pieces. There are five buttons/snaps.

There are ruffles across the neckline in front and back. For the front, have the two sides of the ruffles overlap a little so it looks seamless. The back just goes straight across.

Speaking of the back of the bodice, there is a heart-shaped cutout in the center back just below the neckline. Don’t forget to line the inside and definitely add stabilizer/interfacing around the cutout.

The white sleeves attach to the top of the bodice just barely – there are pink straps at the top of the bodice that the sleeves are set into. They have a decent puff at the top. To create a ruffled edge, there is a dark pink casing with elastic in it. There is a second ruffle under the white ruffle, light pink. It’s probably attached at the point of the elastic casing underneath.


The skirt of thepmmm madoka kaname pink overskirt petticoats dress is in two pieces. There’s a pink petal skirt over the white base skirt, attached to the the bodice. In the concept art, the color goes from the pink of the bodice down to white by the point; the gradient was not animated.

The petals should not cling to the white skirt and should be pretty free. I’d put a little wire in the edges so that I could shape them as needed though. The trim is a darker pink, with three small white decorations in each point as noticed in the closeup image here. They could be gems or they could be cutouts.

The undersides of the petals are self-lined, with the same pink as on the front side. If you choose the cutout option, again remember to put in some stabilizer.

There are two brighter pink bows on top of the petal skirt on the center of either side under the armhole. The white bubble on the screencap is part of the OP effects and is not part of the bow!

There are two options for the white bubble skirt. It could be part of the petticoat OR it could be a separate piece over the petti. Depends on what your petti looks like at the top layer.


The petticoat is basically layer upon layer in a fluffy circle puff or bubble. There’s a great tutorial HERE about it which explains it visually.


Her socks come right under the knee. At the top they fold over and have a ruffle. I personally would use lace (my grandmother used to add hand-crocheted lace to socks) but it’s up to you – you could add a ruffle in a matching fabric if desired. I like these socks from SockDreams and would add my lace to the tops of them.

pmmm kaname madoka magica shoesThe shoes are red cross-strap mary-janes with short heels. There is an ankle cuff that has a bow in the back. (In some caps it looks like a separate piece, much like the choker. But in some caps it looks like part of the shoe. Multiple interpretations are valid.) Unsure of how one gets one’s foot in and out; probably the straps come off with a snap? Check into lolita shoes for a source on something similar to these. HERE is one option from Anna House; the one difference is a buckle on the front of the strap.


The gloves are white with a pink elastic band at the wrist. The cuffs have points all around. I would use solid fabric and then edge in lace. There look like there are 6-8 points around each cuff.

She has two large pink hair bows for her pigtails. They should face outwards.

Her red choker ties behind in a bow. I would make the bow completely tacked or glued together and then snap to itself under the center of the bow.

The soul gem could theoretically be attached to the choker, dangling (with invisible thread between the choker and the bodice?) in the center, but it’s unclear. It doesn’t seem to twist or move when she moves but stays with her. It could also be bonded to the skin (with spirit gum).


See gallery for reference images!

FiveWits did come out with a decent Madoka wig HERE.

For those who like to style/build their own wigs with Arda, I would start with a Magnum in your choice of Serah Pink, Bubblegum Pink, or Light Pink (color card HERE). You could start out with a Chibi instead as it is pre-pigtailed, but I don’t like how the front looks where it goes into bangs. Arda’s ponytail clips only come in long, but there might be enough hair to create two short pigtails. (I don’t have a lot of wig experience so this is my best guess for a starting point)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Akemi Homura – Magical Girl

puella magi madoka magica homura akemi magical girl dress  closeupThere are only slight differences in her outfit over the time that Homura is a magical girl. Just pay attention to the detail about the front bow (noted below) and you should be fine. The other basic difference is in the hair style – early Homura has two braids tied with purple scrunchies; late Homura just has the purple headband. She also ditches her red-rimmed glasses as she levels up.

Homura’s top seems to be in two layers – the fuku top (white + lavender) and the collared undershirt (dark purple). I am pretty positive that they are 2 pieces but you could simply attach the dark purple pieces to the lavender ones to make there be less layers for hot days (especially if you choose to optionally wear a binder to reduce your bust therefore already have multiple layers).

The underlayer is dark purple. All you can see is the collar and the spmmm madoka magica homura akemileeve cuffs. The sleeves fit tightly enough and come to a little past the wrist, trimmed in the same dusty lavender as the fuku top.  The collar looks like it stands up a little like a turtleneck and then folds down with two long points in front and a square in back.  The outer edge of the collar, including the tear-shaped keyhole in the center back, is edged in white.

The purple bow is dark but not as dark as the undershirt. The color matches the bow on the back of the fuku. It fits under the collar of the undershirt and lays over it. The way Homura’s bow is drawn varies between scenes. Sometimes it’s a floppy, loose bow that hangs down; sometimes, like in the scene with the clothesline witch, it’s a tight small bow. See the gallery below for the differences.

concept art official homura akemi magical girl pmmm madoka magicaThe fuku top is white with 3/4 sleeves (just past the elbow) that end in a point over the back of the hand/arm and a V on the underside.  The trim on the sleeves and bottom edge are all the dark purple from the undershirt.

The body of the fuku has an opening up the front but no buttons are visible. You could add buttons or you could go with something invisible like velcro, snaps, or a zipper. The front has two long points on either side of the opening; the back has one center point. These points should fall just above the bottom edge of the skirt or a little longer. The center back bow sits at the waist and should be the same purple as the collar bow; the strings are longer than the skirt.

NOTE: the concept art shows a center back seam as well as side seams. SHAFT has a habit of not keeping the animation for costumes consistent in-show so concept art should be good.

The dusty lavender collar on the fuku is a pretty unique shape as far as I’ve seen in anime. It’s a very wide opening and just clings to the shoulders. The front center should fall a little above the points of the inner shirt collar points – I think this should be just above the top of the bust (theoretically if you have cleavage it would not be showing if you had nothing under the fuku).

The points of the fuku front collar are possibly a right angle. The back is a single right angle point, falling in the center. There is either black stitching or black piping along the edge of the fuku. I’d put it at about 1/2 to 1 inch in. Note that it crosses over and goes all the way to the edge.

Thomura akemi pmmm madoka magicahe skirt is about thigh length, quite above the knee. But definitely make it as long as you are personally comfortable with. It floofs a little so I would put a small petticoat under it. Depending on the particular shot, the white edging looks like either part of a petticoat or part of the skirt itself. The concept art implies it is part of the skirt; some action shots make it look more like a petti. Up to you.

The tights are the same dark purple from the undershirt with a dusty lavender  argyle up the outside of the leg. The shoes have a decent heel on them! The shape of the heel is quite feminine and slender but somehow she still manages to run in them. It’s hard to see from a lot of the animation, but I think the toe is possibly a bit pointy.

The glasses she wears early on are fairly large and rimmed in red. The top edge has an invisible rim.

She does wear her headband both before and after she has braids. It’s dark purple.

Check the gallery for detail shots of her shield and soul gem! She wears the soul gem on her right hand. The shield should go over the fuku sleeve, not under it.

I will be covering tutorials for both in my upcoming tutorial link masterpost for PMMM. If you’d like to submit one, please email or comment for inclusion.



Puella Magi Madoka Magica – School Uniform (Female)

pmmm school uniform madoka jacket overshirtThis is the general post for all of the female school uniforms for Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I’ve made a note when I notice a huge variance in the outfit itself between characters, but please refer to images of the specific girl you want to cosplay if you need hair accessory information. Also, I’m aware SHAFT’s animation is very stylistic after going through so many Mekakucity characters’ outfits… so I am going to reference it as I go.

The top is made of a two pieces – a blouse and an overshirt or jacket. The blouse is a simple white long-sleeve shirt with a mandarin collar. SHAFT’s animation style is rather simplistic so it doesn’t show whether it zips or buttons. You won’t see much of it under the overshirt so whatever works for you. The collar does have a distinct hem around the top – it could be SHAFT animation or it could be piping.

I am pretty sure that the sleeves should never show under the overshirt either. If you expect to be cosplaying in the heat I would even suggest making it sleeveless or just sewing the collar into the overshirt (basically a fake collar). Just notice that it needs to show in the back as well.

The beige or cream overshirt goes over the head. It doesn’t zip or anything – it has one button in the back (notice where it shows the white blouse underneath). Around the top of the square collar it is trimmed in brown (probably bias tape). The square needs to fall to the top of the bust. Imagine it to be low enough to show cleavage if there weren’t a shirt underneath it but not so low that it becomes embarrassing.

pmmm madoka school uniform plaid skirtThe sleeves of the overshirt puff a bit below the shoulder. The well-fitted body extends below the waist with a gentle curve in the center back and two short points on either side of the front. There is a pocket on both sides at about waist length. The bottom edge as well as the wide white cuffs are trimmed in white lace  below a red stripe (probably bias tape). In center back there is a cream bow at about waist height.

The school skirt is black and white (or cream?) plaid. The pattern is uneven: the focus is on the black background while three thin white stripes in both directions intersect at large intervals. If you can’t find this plaid at your fabric store, you can make it like this tutorial.

pmmm school uniform full length madoka sayakaThe red bow is very wide but the ties around the neck are slim. I would recommend pre-tying it and then attaching it to thin fabric ties that could come around the neck and dangle below just to keep it consistent.

There are two sock styles I’ve noticed. Madoka wears thigh-highs that come right below her skirt (if your skirt is longer, just make the socks come right above the knee) while Sayaka’s and their other friend wears navy socks that come below the knee. This makes Madoka appear more childish because she shows less leg technically.

All the shoes (at least outside of school) are brown loafers. They may have a school-issued bag (like in Cardcaptor Sakura) as I’ve noticed some blue bookbags that are pretty similar.

Got a tutorial, pattern, or product recommendation relating to this breakdown? Let me know in the comments and I will add it. Thanks!

Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Tomoe Mami – Magical Girl

Just started watching this series, and I absolutelfront back full lengthy love Mami’s magical girl design! I feel that it is very reminiscent of the 1940’s cowgirl look; notice especially the colours, the boots, and the skirt. The pillbox hat and fluffy fascinator brings it back a little farther to the 1910-1920 range – but the 1940’s cowgirl always was a little timeless, reaching back as far as the late 1800’s. (Yes, I was a big Dale Evans/Roy Rogers fan as a kid. XD)  Let’s look at Mami’s magical girl take on it closer.

The basic construction of this outfit is deceptively simple, and you do have some options. The first would be to make the dress all one piece (white on top and brown for the skirt). The second would be to make the top and skirt separate. I believe that it would be more comfortable to be separate, and it’s more likely to be put together this way. (We never see her without the corset so we don’t know) Either way, the corset appears to be a separate piece that goes over the rest.

I’ll cover the pillbox hat, soul gem hairpin, boots, and stockings at the end, as well as the arm covers. The last, by the way, are not attached at all to the dress. They just match really well!


Ever so slightly off-white. Think just a bit of muslin or beige. Not so beige that it blends in, but pure white will make it look too comic-y. Mami comes off as a very mature individual, and this shows in a more muted colour range. For proof, note the difference between her white fascinator and her shirt. Just a bit tonally different.

The shirt is well-fitting but not tight. (The well-defined shape actually comes from the corset sitting under the bust rather than over, and not from the tightness of the shirt) The collar stands up but not straight – it tips away from the neck slightly.

torso CUThere’s a bit of puff to the sleeves, but not too much. It’s a fairly straight sleeve gathered down to the single-button cuff which causes the puff. You can tell because the puff is closer to the bottom of the sleeve than the top. I’d experiment and figure out if it needs any widening before the cuff, but it very well may not. And a little white/clear shirt button would be good for the cuff button here. (Alternatively a matching fabric covered button would be a good option as well!)

Between the bodice and the sleeves there is a stripe of brown to match the corset. It’s debatable how this goes on. I would wager bias tape sewn down for a decorative look rather than an actual piece of fabric in the sleeve hole. That’d be just too complicated, lol.

The mustard trim is deceiving but it really does not continue down over the corset. It just matches. Hidden zipper down the front under a mustard edging (probably bias tape) The top of the zipper is hidden by the slightly brighter yellow ribbon – matches her hair! The little crosswise strips on the trim are decorative and could be held down with snaps, velcro, or another invisible fastener of your choice.

back torso CUCORSET

Caveat emptor: do be careful with corsets. Do your research. Practice wearing them for short periods of time. And for heaven’s sake don’t lace them so tight that you hurt yourself!

That being said, a well-fitting corset does not have to squeeze your insides and can be a great cosplay piece such as this one.

The basic corset here is one brown wrap-around piece; it appears longer in the back than in the front although part of that is a visual illusion due to that it sits under the bust, which hides some of the front length. The boning is probably under the yellow stripes as well as the barely-visible seam right next to the buckle in the picture above.

As in the first picture, it’s a V-shaped corset – points down in the center back and in the center front. It does give Mami a very hourglass shape; however, if you are attempting to mimic this, remember that if you are having difficulty breathing it is DEFINITELY too tight.

The belt-style buckles across the front are chiefly decorative. The actual fastening would be a bunch of brassiere hooks under the yellow edging or possibly an invisible zipper.

The white, rough trim at the top and bottom edge of the corset should actually match the shirt in colour. It’s not rick-rack (which would be a more definite zig-zag). I’ve had it suggested that it be grosgrain ribbon for a textured look that would make sense. Otherwise I’m not entirely sure what it would be other than perhaps a strip of the shirt fabric sewn down without binding off the edges? I can’t imagine this looking as neat – certainly not as finished a look as the rest of her outfit.

Quick look at the back – seam down the back probably has more boning in it, and the bottom stripe of off-white turns into a bow. The simplest way to do this would be to sew down a bow rather than to leave two ends of ribbon to tie a bow into. Prevents it from coming undone as well.

This also allows for the second set of ends coming down off the bow as in the first back screenshot at the top of the page. (Sorry for all the scrolling!) They can either be ends of the ribbon coming off the corset under the bow or they can be sewn into the bow itself.

side full length cu kneeling


The skirt definitely  has at least some petticoat under it despite that you never SEE any. I’d wear a short petti under the skirt to give it the shape, especially as the V of the corset will be pushing the skirt down.

EDIT: elephantbirdcosplay has pointed out that a petti is not needed to achieve this look. Their outfit looks great without it! Adding their comment as a quote:

I disagree about the petticoat. With enough care put into the structure of the skirt, it’s possible to make it that puffy without one. My costume I box pleated it, used interfacing (the stiffer the better), a 3″ horse hair braid in the hem, and wired ribbon as the bottom trim. It’s also two full circle skirts, so it’d be very full even without all of that. A lot of work, but it was very puffy on its own which is more accurate than trying to hide a petticoat.

The skirt itself is a pale brown or tan, trimmed with a brown edging. It’s very full. There are no pleats or seams visible, so I am going to peg it as a circle skirt. Plenty of space under that for a petti!


In my sleep-bemused mind, I am calling these Tenth Doctor stockings. And sure enough, they’re pinstriped brown stockings. The pinstripe even shows up as pale blue on all of these shots, although I would wager that it’s really mustard yellow. They’re thigh-high – Mami doesn’t show much leg.

above boots


Cowboy boots, without the traditional exterior embroidery. Also different from most cowboy boots, the v shape is only in the back and not in the front. They match the rest of the outfit – the same browns as the skirt and corset, with a pale trim that could theoretically either be the beige or the mustard.


Same brown as the corset. It’s a pillbox style. Because of the fascinator, I’m going to say 1920’s for a good starting research point if you want to use a period pattern, although the pillbox style came and went for years. The basic idea is that it’s a very short, round hat. On this particular version, the top does curve gently up. It often has to be pinned on with a hatpin. The fascinator probably is theoretically meant to serve this purpose, although as in this picture below it is not actually close enough to the hat to do any good!

soul gem CU


This picture tells more than I could ever describe regarding the details of the soul gem itself.  The soul gem is turned into a lovely piece of wire & gem jewelry. Have lots and lots of fun creating this piece! The long tuft of fur turns the entire piece into a fascinator. Definitely make sure that the fur flies back away from the head and does not droop – needs to be stiff enough to be posed properly. 


There is no visible cuff at the top of the arm covers. It could be held on with elastic; it could be held on with an interior cuff. At the bottom they have a cuff just like the cuff of the sleeves. Again, they’re poofy without being TOO poofy.

fingerless glovesUnder the arm covers, Mami wears a pair of tight brown fingerless gloves. They’re like gloves with the fingers cut off, only intentionally. They match the corset, with the mustard yellow trim at the ends of the fingers. As we never see her wrists bare, they probably go up far enough under the cuff to make sure they never slip out.

Have something to add? Something I missed? Comment below! I review all comments for possible (and credited) addition.

Check out the Pinterest board here for reference pics on the go!