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Cosbreaks is for the cosplay community: we are a reference website full of screencaps, useful links, and writeups about cosplays. We have been here since September 2013 with over 60 complete reference guides for your cosplays.

Break!JenniJenni Noordhoek

Creator of Cosbreaks and Main Writer
jenni@cosbreaks.comtumblr | twitter | facebook

“I started Cosbreaks with my research & analysis for my dream cosplays. (The only reason there isn’t more Ciel is because I realized I will never be short enough to be a shota.) Now I am a fashion student in LA turning my hobby into a career. Dream big!”

Jenni is a research fiend and Cosbreaks allows her to research as many costumes as she likes without running out of fabric. She’s in charge of the Cosbreaks Tumblr and Ask.fm, and frequently found on our Facebook Group.

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Jinora!ElizaEliza Navarro

Contributing Writer
eliza@cosbreaks.comtumblr | twitter

“I’m a geek whose smile and nail polish are always crooked. My interest in costumes is more artistic than practical, so I have fan artists as well as cosplayers in mind when I write breakdowns. Female characters from western live-action and animation are my specialty. (You may also notice my fondness for skirts.) Besides Cosbreaks, I write for Hip Latina Media and State of the Art Magazine.”

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In need of a blogger? Eliza is a freelance writer, do check out her portfolio here.

20140703-JuviaMeDanica Newlin

Webmaster, Graphic Designer, Artist, & Tech Support
danica@saranghaengbok.com | tumblr | twitter | facebook

Also go by thekawaiione around the web~ I mainly work on all the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff, like keeping WordPress properly updated, customizing the theme and layout, making sure everything is showing up right and working, dealing with host when we’ve got downtime and other trouble, whipping up graphic designs, creating art (like these chibis), and all around general assistance – plus a second pair of eyes when the others need it. 

Interested in a website redesign and/or commissioning some custom art? Please just send me a message! ^^

Ash Pana

Contributing Writer | ash@cosbreaks.com

Guest Posters

S., contributed: Black Butler – Grell Sutcliffe – Standard Outfit

Join the Staff?

We’re not currently looking for full time staff members; but if you’d like to become a guest poster, let us know! We accept costume reference guides, tutorials, and cosplay progress logs. You can also submit to our tumblr. Thanks so much for your interest!

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